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SJC issues long-awaited foreclosure ruling

The state’s highest court ruled today a lender must have proper paperwork before foreclosing on a house, but that previous seizures would not be affected.

Prosecutors allege BNY Mellon manipulated Fidelity trades

The bank altered currency trades worth millions of dollars conducted for the Boston mutual fund giant, according to court documents.

// Schilling says he’s ‘tapped out’ after losing $50m

In an interview with a radio station, Curt Schilling said he had lost most of his baseball money in his failed video game company.

Mass. launches review of insurers’ executive pay

The state Division of Insurance has launched an unprecedented examination of executive compensation at Massachusetts insurers after the Liberty Mutual salary scandal.

A federal judge in Springfield has ruled that Netflix and other online providers that serve the public are subject to federal disabilities laws.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Netflix/File

US judge rules Netflix subject to disability act

The ruling by a federal judge in Springfield may require captions be put on video streamed over the Internet.

Exclusive Sunday Preview | Globe Magazine

Dungeons & debtors in the video game industry

The game Curt Schilling hoped would become a “Lord of the Rings”-size franchise now returns to the creative fires whence it came. Epic fail.

brian mcgrory

Scott Brown’s fractured fairy tales

Be worried about Senator Brown. It looks like he’s becoming delusional, starting to believe that he’s far more important than any junior senator has ever been.

scot lehigh

Fighting to frame the presidential campaign

Team Obama's challenge is to make clear to voters what the real-world consequences of Mitt Romney’s plans would be.

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