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Moody’s cuts credit ratings on 15 major banks

Moody’s downgraded large banks including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Citigroup, stating their long-term prospects for growth are shrinking.

Will Middlebrooks was pumped after hitting a two-run home run in the eighth inning.

Red Sox 6, Marlins 5

Red Sox rally to sweep Marlins

The Red Sox broke out for a three-run eighth inning as they came back to sweep the Miami Marlins in their interleague series at Fenway.

Adopted son of Jerry Sandusky claims abuse

As jurors deliberated, a lawyer for one of Sandusky’s adopted children said the man told authorities the former Penn State assistant football coach abused him.

// Romney calls immigration reform ‘a moral imperative’

Mitt Romney offered a series of proposals on the issue and recast some of the hard-line positions he took during the GOP primary race.

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‘Your Sister’s Sister’ is graceful indie farce

Two sisters and a guy in a backwoods cabin, talking and drinking and occasionally misbehaving — that’s all there is to Lynn Shelton’s low-budget comedy-drama, writes Ty Burr.

Take 2: ‘Your Sister's Sister’

Janice Page and Ty Burr review the independent film 'Your Sister's Sister' in this edition of Take 2.

Josiah McElheny’s “Island Universe.”

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Infinity up on trial

Josiah McElheny’s exhibit at the ICA questions assumptions about art, museums — even science.

From left: Thomas Sadoski, Sam Waterston, and Jeff Daniels in “The Newsroom,’’ about a fictional 24-hour TV news network.

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‘The Newsroom’ delivers the goods

The strong ensemble cast navigates through dialogue that is clever, funny, inspiring, and frequently exhausting.

 Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, left, introduces Mitt Romney, right, as Paul Ryan looks on during a campaign stop Monday in Janesville, Wis.

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Campaigning with connections vs. cash

The sudden infusion of huge sums of money into races is changing the way the two parties approach campaigns, writes Joshua Green.