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Moody’s cuts credit ratings on 15 major banks

Moody’s downgraded large banks including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs because their long-term prospects for growth are shrinking.

Adopted son of Sandusky’s claims abuse

A lawyer for one of Jerry Sandusky’s adopted children said the man has told authorities the former Penn State assistant football coach abused him.

Central control urged for state’s housing authorities

A commission appointed by Governor Patrick is calling for more centralized control over the state’s 242 local housing authorities in the wake of recent scandals.

From left: Thomas Sadoski, Sam Waterston, and Jeff Daniels in “The Newsroom,’’ about a fictional 24-hour TV news network.


exclusive friday preview | Television Review

‘The Newsroom’ delivers the goods

The strong ensemble cast navigates through dialogue that is clever, funny, inspiring, and frequently exhausting.

Kevin Youkilis is the subject of many trade rumors.

On Baseball

Where might Kevin Youkilis be traded?

At least six teams are interested in the infielder. The sooner the Red Sox can unload him, the better for both sides.

Opinion | The Podium

// BIO convention — or travel show?

This week’s BIO convention was full of states and countries trying to lure the biotech industry to their borders, writes Rob Anderson.

Opinion | Making Health Care Affordable

// Weld’s 1992 action at root of health care cost crisis

The state’s decision to stop regulating hospital prices 20 years ago was a mistake, writes health care consultant and former state official Philip W. Johnston.


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Temperature hits 96, sets new Boston record

Triple-digit temperatures are expected in parts of the state, while the humidity could make it feel like 105 degrees during the hottest parts of the day.