Post-Watergate campaign reforms fade away

The linchpin of reforms enacted in the aftermath of Watergate — public funding for presidential campaigns — is all but dead.

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AMC to close Harvard Square theater

The theater on Church Street, which is known for hosting weekly showings of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” will close in July.

Supreme Court throws out FCC indecency policy

The court threw out sanctions against broadcasters who violated the rule on curse words and nudity, but didn’t rule on the policy’s constitutionality.

Brigham implants first total artificial heart in New England

Surgeons at Brigham and Women’s Hospital implanted the heart in a 66-year-old former teacher from the South Shore.

Friday Preview | Movie Review

‘Brave’ is a mixed bag

Uh-oh: The first Pixar movie that doesn’t feel like a Pixar movie.


Take 2: ‘Brave’

Janice Page and Ty Burr review the latest animated movie from Pixar.

Anthony Mackie (left), and Benjamin Walker as Lincoln.

Movie Review

‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ a sin against entertainment

Benjamin Walker makes a sturdy Lincoln, but Timur Bekmambetov directs with frantic, humorless 3-D bombast.

Embattled college president steps down

Trustees removed Dr. Robert J. Gee as president of the Falmouth-based National Graduate School of Quality Management amid three separate inquiries.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has been touting the health care plan to the press.

Joan vennochi

Obama tries to sell health care law, but it’s too late

The administration has recently been talking up the positive aspects of the health care law, but its efforts have been too tepid for too long.

Bob Ryan

Robert Parish among fine group at Tradition

Last year, The Tradition set the bar high by honoring Larry Bird. This year, it will fete Bird’s indispensable championship teammate.


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Who buys a $10,000 watch these days?

Plenty of people. The luxury watch business in Boston — and nationwide — is on the rebound.