Ex-CFO: Upper Crust withheld pay, forged checks

After being ordered by the government to pay employees nearly $350,000 in overtime, executives devised a scheme to wrest the money back, the chain’s former CFO said.

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Report: Rubio is not being vetted to be Romney’s VP

Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, a popular focus of vice presidential speculation, has not yet been vetted by Mitt Romney’s campaign, according to ABC News.

Cambridge considers ban on large sugary drinks

The city is considering imposing a 16-ounce limit on any sugary drink in a proposal similar to one in New York City.

Second JPMorgan hearing on $2b loss opens in House

Federal regulators and JPMorgan executives will testify about the bank’s loss of at least $2 billion.

Pilgrim nuclear plant, union reach contract deal

Union members are scheduled to vote on the tentative proposal on Wednesday.

Roger Clemens shed tears after he was acquitted in federal court on Monday.

Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

On Baseball | Nick Cafardo

Roger Clemens belongs in the Hall of Fame

He may not be able to escape the steroids cloud, but Clemens earned enshrinement, and will probably be elected after a lengthy wait.

Joanna Weiss

‘Game of Thrones’ flap reveals boundaries of taste

The controversy over the use of a severed head in the likeness of George W. Bush shows that we actually do still have some national standards of respect.

On Basketball

Last year’s loss still stings LeBron James

Haunted by last year’s NBA Finals collapse, the three-time MVP worked on expanding his arsenal and now has the Heat within two games of a title.

Boston Capital

Manager steps down amid controversy

Dan Rice, comanager of five energy-related mutual funds operated by giant BlackRock Inc., is stepping down amid controversy over a family energy business he started in 2005.


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Cornell Smith, who pleaded not guilty in Suffolk Superior Court Monday, stood with his lawyer, Jeffrey T. Karp (at left).

Parents see suspect charged in daughter’s death

At the arraignment of Cornell Smith, Nicholas and Virginia Payne saw for the first time the man ­accused of killing their only daughter, Rebecca, in 2008.


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G Force

Actress-director Liv Ullmann with her husband, Donald Saunders, and their rescue dog, Chelsea. The dachshund was left at the MSPCA sick and with a crooked leg.

Adopting a rescue dog is purely an act of love

Golden Globe-winning actress Liv Ullmann talks about her rescued dachshund, Chelsea, and whether she thinks Boston is a pet-friendly city.