Romney’s stance on Syria a work in progress

The decision to walk cautiously on the issue has highlighted Mitt Romney’s difficulty in trying to turn a still-developing military issue to his advantage.

J. Kyle Keener for The Globe

Campaign Crossroads

Ohio still pivotal turf in presidential race

The $85 billion government rescue that helped pull GM and Chrysler from the brink might not guarantee President Obama the overwhelming support he received in 2008.

Roxbury college leader to step down

The president of Roxbury Community College, Terrence Gomes, said that he will depart after weeks of allegations raised questions about his administration.


Despite gains, Boston lags in recycling

Boston has nearly doubled its residential recycling rate over the past five years, yet fewer than 1 in 5 pieces of household waste gets recycled, significantly less than in other large US cities.

Upper Crust has repeatedly denied accusations for the past several years that it rescinded overtime compensation ordered by the labor agency.

Upper Crust accused of scheming on pay

After being ordered by the government to pay employees nearly $350,000 in overtime, executives devised a scheme to wrest the money back, according to the chain’s former CFO.

Biotech industry representatives attended the BIO International Convention in Boston yesterday, the first of four days of panels, networking, and business dealing.

Federal drug review nettles biotech industry

As the BIO International Convention opened in Boston, a FDA plan to make decisions on new drugs more transparent and consistent drew criticism from industry skeptics.

Roger Clemens acquitted of lying about drugs

A federal jury acquitted the former Red Sox star of every charge in a celebrated perjury case against him.

Designated passengers won’t have to endure the security check at Logan with PreCheck.

Logan Airport security checks to get simpler

Designated travelers will be able to avoid some security steps in Terminal A at Logan Airport under the federal Precheck program.


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Cornell Smith, who pleaded not guilty in Suffolk Superior Court Monday, stood with his lawyer, Jeffrey T. Karp (at left).

Parents see suspect charged in daughter’s death

At the arraignment of Cornell Smith, Nicholas and Virginia Payne saw for the first time the man ­accused of killing their only daughter, Rebecca, in 2008.


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Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer presented the company’s new tablet in Los Angeles Monday. Unlike with PCs, the company has opted not to leave tablet hardware to others.

Microsoft offers tablet to compete against iPad

CEO Steve Ballmer was on hand to present the new tablet computer, Surface, calling it part of a ‘‘whole new family of devices’’ the company is developing.


Political Notebook

Mitt Romney predicts he’ll win Wisconsin

Romney said momentum from Governor Scott Walker’s victory in a recall election will help him win the state, and the White House, in November.

Nation & World

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Justice Clarence Thomas provided the margin of difference in the case to uphold conviction in the rape case.

High court rejects a challenge to DNA evidence

A divided Supreme Court upheld the rape conviction of an Illinois man who argued that he was denied the chance to question the reliability of the DNA evidence against him.


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G Force

Actress-director Liv Ullmann with her husband, Donald Saunders, and their rescue dog, Chelsea. The dachshund was left at the MSPCA sick and with a crooked leg.

Adopting a rescue dog is purely an act of love

Golden Globe-winning actress Liv Ullmann talks about her rescued dachshund, Chelsea, and whether she thinks Boston is a pet-friendly city.