Microsoft unveils tablet to compete with Apple’s iPad

Microsoft’s Surface tablet, which will be available in two versions later this year, features a kickstand to hold it upright and a keyboard that is part of its cover.

Roger Clemens spoke outside federal court in Washington, D.C.

Roger Clemens acquitted of all charges in perjury case

A jury found the former Red Sox pitcher didn’t lie to Congress about using performance enhancing drugs.

Embattled RCC president agrees to step down

Roxbury Community College president Terrence Gomes retired amid questions about reporting of campus crime and financial aid delays.

Scott Brown accepts Kennedy debate with conditions

Senator Scott Brown said he will accept the debate on the condition Vicki Kennedy stay neutral in the election and MSNBC drop out as the sponsor.

MASS Design Group’s Michael Murphy (left) and Alan Ricks.

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff

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The architects of a new kind of health care

The young architects behind MASS Design are bringing their philosophy to health-care projects around the world, from Rwanda and Uganda to Haiti and back home.

Thousands of people filled the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on the first day of the BIO International Convention, a global event showcasing some of the most innovative and advanced biotechnology in the world.

BIO convention

FDA drug review proposal draws critics at BIO convention

The plan, unveiled today, aims to make the agency’s review criteria for new drug candidates more consistent.


The darker side of the bio industry

Biological advancements have tremendous benefits to our health, energy supplies, and global food supplies. But there is a darker side to the bio-industry.

Daily Dose

Acupuncture closer to being widely accepted

The technique outperformed a placebo in a small but well-designed study focusing on measurable results.

Adrian Walker

A hero in the war on poverty

The Action for Boston Community Development’s headquarters will be dedicated in honor of Bob Coard, a singular Boston personality who brought the agency stability.

Health and wellness

G Force

“Physicians are led to believe that people should defer to their opinion, that they can make the decisions and they should not be challenged or reviewed,” said Dr. Lucian Leape.

Healthy doses of respect in medicine

Dr. Lucian Leape, a founder of the national patient safety movement, recently published two papers about respect in medicine.