Embattled RCC president agrees to step down

Roxbury Community College president Terrence Gomes retired amid questions about reporting of campus crime and financial aid delays.

Scott Brown accepts Kennedy debate with conditions

Senator Scott Brown said he will accept the debate on the condition Vicki Kennedy stay neutral in the election and MSNBC drop out as the sponsor.

John Kerry to play the Romney role in Obama’s debate prep

The US senator from Massachusetts will act as if he were the Republican candidate in the president’s upcoming debate preparation sessions.

BIO convention

FDA drug review proposal draws critics at BIO convention

The plan, unveiled today, aims to make the agency’s review criteria for new drug candidates more consistent.

Roger Clemens spoke outside federal court in Washington, D.C.

Balce Ceneta/AP

Roger Clemens acquitted of all charges in perjury case

A jury found the former Red Sox pitcher didn’t lie to Congress about using performance enhancing drugs.

Scott Freiman has put together a multimedia show about the long and winding road taken by the Beatles.

Multimedia show focuses on the Beatles’ legacy

Composer-producer-educator Scott Freiman is bringing his 90-minute lecture “A Trip Through Strawberry Fields” to the Coolidge Corner Theatre on Monday.

Adrian Walker

A hero in the war on poverty

The Action for Boston Community Development’s headquarters will be dedicated in honor of Bob Coard, a singular Boston personality who brought the agency stability.

From Sunday’s Globe | Opinion | Jennifer Graham

When adoptions fail

Around 15 percent of all adoptions fail, and the older the child, the more likely the failure.

Brewer, distiller concoct a joint venture

Boston Beer Co., maker of Sam Adams beers, will produce two whiskeys in partnership with Berkshire Mountain Distillers in Great Barrington.