Boston considers hike in retirees’ pensions

As cities and states across the US take aim at public employee pensions, Boston City Hall is engaged in a very different debate: how much to increase retirees’ checks.

Insurers to stay with key benefits of US health law

The largest insurers in Mass. have pledged to extend two popular provisions of the Affordable Care Act even if the Supreme Court decides to overturn the law.

// Vertex to fund partnership with Boston schools

The $1.45 million partnership will allow students to work with scientists.

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Jerry Sandusky arrived at the court house under gray skies on Monday.

Prosecutors rest case in Jerry Sandusky trial

The victim of one of Sandusky’s alleged victims gave graphic testimony before the ex-coach’s defense team began to call witnesses.

Head of Greece's radical leftist Syriza party Alexis Tsipras (left) shook hands with the conservative New Democracy party's leader and winner of Greece's general election Antonis Samaras during a meeting at the parliament in Athens on Monday.

Greek election victor calls for broad coalition

Antonis Samaras says he will continue efforts to build a broad coalition government, despite a refusal from the second-placed radical left party to join in.

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Joe Resnek is writing his way to the top

The Chelsea native has gone from a flourishing stealing-and-selling business to writing speeches for chiefs of staff and agency heads.


Chelsea native pens speeches for US officials

Joe Resnek makes his way speechwriting for the Obama administration.


// The long, strange quest to detect plant consciousness

Charles Darwin and L. Ron Hubbard have something in common: they wanted to know what was going on between the leaves.


// 8 beautiful campgrounds in New England

Authors of the “Unofficial Guide to the Best RV Tent Campgrounds in the Northeast” offer a few of their top campground picks.

 President Obama said, “the private sector is doing fine.”

Opinion | John E. Sununu

Panic sets in at the White House

The White House and the Obama campaign have been exposed as adrift and out of touch.


Mitt Romney refused to say what he would do about President Obama’s immigration order if he is elected president.

Romney criticizes Obama’s immigration order

His relationship with Latino voters still tenuous, Mitt Romney refused to say whether he would revoke the order affecting more than 800,000 illegal immigrants.

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