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Walmart abandons Somerville, Watertown plans

The world’s largest retailer said its plans in the two cities no longer make financial sense.

Obama: ‘It makes no sense to expel’ young immigrants

President Obama is bypassing Congress to immediately stop certain deportations and instead grant work permits to younger illegal immigrants.

Mass. immigrants respond with disbelief, elation

The state’s immigrant community reacted positively to President Obama’s change in immigration policy.

Nik Wallenda walks wire across Niagara Falls

The seventh-generation member of the famed Flying Wallendas had long dreamed of pulling off the stunt, never before attempted.

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Roxbury students write a magnificent book

“A Place for Me in the World” is a triumph of middle-school education, writes Lawrence Harmon.

Mission Hill School students created linocut portraits of their interview subjects. Pictured: ventriloquist Adam Cardone, by Siobhan Green.

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, by Malick Niane and Sela Winder.

Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Adrian Bispham, by Leylainy Tejada.

Dr. Lisa Ferzoco, by Hawolul Ibrahim.

Rap artist Cliff Rheed, by Kavon Johnson.

Rock drummer Albert Bouchard, by Maurice Bouchard.

Rock drummer Albert Bouchard, by Maurice Bouchard.

Architect Jonathan Fertig, by Nate Jiles.

Baker Tyeshya Jenkins, by Amber Dawson.

Madison Sunderland of Ludlow paid her respects as the pallbearers passed in the funeral for Springfield police officer Kevin Ambrose at St. Catherine of Sienna Church.

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Globe photos of the week

The best photos taken this week by Globe staff photographers, as chosen by the Globe’s photo desk.

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Why aren’t you taking your vacation time?

Too much work. Too little job security. Too many e-mails piling up. Whatever the reason, fewer workers are leaving the office.

Syrian President Bashar Assad (center) at a 2011 ceremony in Damascus to mark the 38th anniversary of the Arab-Israeli war.

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The world according to Bashar Assad

Syria’s dictator was once an urbane young doctor who wanted something better for his country. This is what happened instead.


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Cubs 3, Red Sox 0

Red Sox shut out by Cubs

The Red Sox lost for the eighth time in 11 games Friday as they fell to the last-place Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.

Diversity Boston

Head to head

Can Boston compete with Silicon Valley?

Shawn Harris of and Niraj Shah of Wayfair, who have been building businesses in the region for more than a decade, talk about running start-ups.