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Immunity offered to younger illegal immigrants

The Obama administration will stop deporting younger illegal immigrants who came to the US as children.

SJC: Boston City Council was wrong to remove Chuck Turner

The state’s highest court ruled that the Council overstepped its authority when it removed Turner from office after his bribery conviction.

Unassisted births are not criminal, court rules

The ruling stems from an involuntary manslaughter conviction of a Milford woman whose child died during a delivery she undertook without medical assistance.

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Exclusive Sunday Preview | Globe Magazine

What if spanking works?

Studies show that most parents don’t want to hit their kids — and that some 90 percent do it anyway. Why even the most modern moms and dads can’t stop wondering.

Veteran outfielder Scott Podsednik (.373 average) has provided an offensive lift since making his Red Sox debut May 22.

Red Sox at Cubs, 2:20 p.m.

Scott Podsednik sparkling with Red Sox

Podsednik was on the verge of retiring when the season started. He got a new shot in Boston, and has become a Sox sparkplug.

Murray questioned in Chelsea housing scandal

Authorities are investigating potentially criminal fund-raising for Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray by the disgraced former head of the Chelsea Housing Authority.

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Scott Brown stuck in neutral

Senator Brown, somewhat surprisingly, seems to be shrinking before the electorate’s eyes.

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Red Sox notebook

Kevin Youkilis, left, and Will Middlebrooks smiled after Middlebrooks' two-run homer on May 30.

Will Middlebrooks must deal with reduced role

The rookie has seen more bench time since Kevin Youkilis returned from the DL. Said Middlebrooks, “It’s a learning experience.”


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Municipal workers protested austerity measures in Athens on Thursday. Greeks vote in national elections this weekend.

Pressure rises as Italy, Spain pay more on loans

The rise of Italy’s and Spain’s borrowing costs to alarming levels on Thursday heaped pressure on leaders to prevent Europe’s debt crisis from engulfing its largest countries.

Diversity Boston

Head to head

Can Boston compete with Silicon Valley?

Shawn Harris of and Niraj Shah of Wayfair, who have been building businesses in the region for more than a decade, talk about running start-ups.

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Globe Talk | July 30, 6 p.m.

// A conversation with Barney Frank

Join a conversation with US Representative Barney Frank, who represents the Fourth Congressional District of Massachusetts.