Murray questioned in Chelsea housing scandal

Authorities are investigating potentially criminal fund-raising for Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray by the disgraced former head of the Chelsea Housing Authority.

Obama, Romney give dueling visions on economy

President Obama and Mitt Romney set down starkly contrasting visions for economic growth Thursday.

Danielle DeCarlo worked with 7-month-old Alex Filandrianos and 4-month-old Davis Wiser at a Little Sprouts day-care center in Brighton. An influx of new students has put teachers back in demand at the company, which has 16 Boston locations.

Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

Mass. daycare centers rebound as parents return to work

Enrollment and hiring at day care businesses are among the indicators of an improving economy.

Teen pushed Brookline bylaw raising tobacco-buying age

Eric Dumas, 18, persuaded Brookline’s Town Meeting to raise the legal age for buying tobacco products from 18 to 19.

Eric Risberg/Associated Press

Boston looks to transform parking spots into small parks

The program turns spaces into “parklets’’ — petite, three-season patios, with benches and planters atop platforms built flush with the sidewalk.

Critics: Brown-Warren race lacks substance

Political veterans from both sides of the ideological divide are bemoaning what they see as the lack of an elevated policy debate in the Mass. US Senate campaign.

brian mcgrory

Scott Brown stuck in neutral

Senator Brown, somewhat surprisingly, seems to be shrinking before the electorate’s eyes.

“Reflections at Mono Lake, California,” 1948.

Photography review

Exhibition reveals the more fluid side of Ansel Adams

The photography of Ansel Adams is so sturdily composed, so enduringly right that it can feel like the aesthetic equivalent of granite.


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Municipal workers protested austerity measures in Athens on Thursday. Greeks vote in national elections this weekend.

Pressure rises as Italy, Spain pay more on loans

The rise of Italy’s and Spain’s borrowing costs to alarming levels on Thursday heaped pressure on leaders to prevent Europe’s debt crisis from engulfing its largest countries.


Father’s Day gift guide 2012

He may claim he doesn’t need anything, but chances are he’d like to get his hands on one of these gifts.

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Head to head

Can Boston compete with Silicon Valley?

Shawn Harris of and Niraj Shah of Wayfair, who have been building businesses in the region for more than a decade, talk about running start-ups.