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Greig files appeal

The appeal comes one day after Catherine Greig was sentenced to eight years in prison for helping “Whitey’’ Bulger elude law enforcement for 16 years.

Car bombs targeting Shi’ites kill at least 65 in Iraq

A wave of car bombs struck in several cities, making it one of the deadliest days in Iraq since US troops withdrew from the country.

JPMorgan CEO questioned by Congress on $2b trading loss

Jamie Dimon said that senior bank executives responsible for a $2 billion trading loss will probably have some of their pay taken back.

Mitt Romney, President Obama spend big in Mass.

The campaigns of Mitt Romney and President Obama have paid a combined $45 million to businesses and consultants from the Bay State.

Middleborough profanity ban touches a nerve

The town voted to give police the power to hand out $20 tickets for using profanity in public, which has riled some residents and free speech advocates.


Residents react to public profanity law

Middleborough residents weigh in on the town's ordinance.

Voices line up for Red Sox announcer job

The death of Carl Beane, at 59, has left the Red Sox with an empty space in their hearts, and also with a silence to fill at Fenway Park.

Brian McGrory

// View from the top at Liberty Mutual

Columnist Brian McGrory took a tour of the executive floor of the company’s Boston headquarters, home to some of the highest paid insurance officers in America.

Jenny Weymouth of Boston says she would still shop on Amazon even if it were to charge for Massachusetts sales taxes.

If Amazon taxes in Mass., will buyers bolt?

Despite local retailers’ hopes, many residents say they would still shop on Amazon even if it were to start collecting sales tax on purchases made from the state.


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The raids Tuesday, which capped a yearlong investigation, caught many suspects off guard.

20 arrested in crackdown targeting area drug trade

Police arrested 20 ­alleged dealers and gang members early Tuesday following a year-long investigation in parts of Charlestown, Everett, and ­Jamaica Plain.

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Diversity Boston

Head to head

Can Boston compete with Silicon Valley?

Shawn Harris of and Niraj Shah of Wayfair, who have been building businesses in the region for more than a decade, talk about running start-ups.