Surge in home sales creates fire inspection backlog

Rising sales in Boston are causing long waits for inspections of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, which are required to finalize a sale.

Europe’s crisis hits firms in Mass.

Bay State companies that depend on Europe for much of their business are reporting slowing overseas sales as the debt crisis there deepens.


Supreme Court sows distrust with justices’ political activity

The public’s loss of confidence in the institution best-positioned to preserve unity in times of flux is a tragedy with many chapters.

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// Attorney: Don’t punish Greig for being in love

Catherine Greig’s lawyer asked that she serve only 27 months in prison, saying her only crime was falling in love with James “Whitey” Bulger.

US Commerce Secretary John Bryson.

Commerce Dept.: Seizures led to secretary’s crashes

John Bryson suffered a seizure in connection with two traffic accidents in the Los Angeles area that left him injured and unconscious, the department said.

Prisoners at Dachau cheer US troops who liberated the concentration camp in May 1945.

Horace Abrahams/Keystone/Getty Images

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Recognizing delayed PTSD in Holocaust survivors

Researchers are finding that the passage of time does not always diminish traumatic symptoms — and old age can actually aggravate them.

One freezer contained about 150 brain samples from people who had died with a neurological or psychiatric condition.

Freezer failure at brain bank hampers autism research

A malfunction at Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital has severely damaged one-third of the world’s largest collection of autism brain samples.

“We have made it clear that we will be zealous and chase any leads.” said US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz.

Public’s aid sought in ’90 Gardner Museum heist

Federal officials investigating the 1990 art theft plan to launch a public awareness campaign similar to the one that led to the arrest of James ‘‘Whitey’’ Bulger.

Adrian Walker

In search of transparency at Brookline High

Adrian Mims alleges he was passed over as headmaster of the school because he is black, a complaint that has roiled the town, a liberal bastion in the state.


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How to rewire your brain to be more optimistic

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