2012 Massachusetts Democratic Convention

Warren ready for ‘nasty’ campaign against Brown

Speaking at a labor breakfast preceding the annual Democratic State Convention today, Elizabeth Warren said she was ready for a “tough race” with Scott Brown.

Convention speeches begin with coy remarks, tributes

Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh opened today’s convention by predicting “we would send a strong woman to the US Senate.”

Elizabeth Warren on Scott Brown’s heels in Globe poll

Brown leads Warren 39 percent to 37 percent, largely unchanged from the Globe’s March poll that also showed Brown leading by two percentage points.

 Marisa DeFranco is the only remaining challenger in the primary.

Opinion | TOM KEANE

DeFranco could help Warren save her campaign

If Elizabeth Warren is forced to earn her nomination in a primary challenge with Marisa DeFranco, she’ll be the better for it.

In 1990, the Hayden Building on Washington Street was listed by American Heritage magazine as one of the dozen greatest American buildings in danger of disappearing.

Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff

Hayden Building, historic gem of the Combat Zone, to be restored

In 1990, the Washington Street building was listed as one of the dozen greatest American buildings in danger of disappearing.

Condominiums slated for former Big Dig site

A Boston developer is moving ahead with construction in Charlestown, advancing the state’s efforts to redevelop property left over from the road project.

Cancer tests Hingham High hockey player

James Gordon's battle with the most aggressive form of testicular cancer has been a shock and an inspiration.

Miami's LeBron James (left) and Rajon Rondo during Game 3 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

Bob Ryan

Anyone’s guess as to what’s next for Celtics

The Celtics had more energy, more zip, more resolve, and more of just about everything on Friday night. The Heat had LeBron James.

On baseball

Clay Buchholz has arrived

Buchholz went eight innings, threw a 94-mile-per-hour fastball with movement and bite, and he threw it with conviction.


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