May US job growth lowest in a year, jobless rate up

US employers created 69,000 jobs in May and the unemployment rate hit 8.2 percent. The dismal figures could fan fears that the economy is sputtering.

Brian McGrory

Warren: ‘I won’t deny who I am’

Elizabeth Warren conceded for the first time Thursday that she is worried about how the issue of her self-identification as a Native American has overwhelmed the campaign.

Warren addresses concerns over ancestry flap

In an e-mail to supporters, Elizabeth Warren sought to explain why she couldn’t back up claims about her ancestry and tried to rally her base.

// Schilling put up $5m in gold as collateral

The day after 38 Studios released its first game, the former Red Sox pitcher posted 3,200 coins as collateral for a loan from Bank Rhode Island, according to financing statements.

Boston looks to curb satellite dish clutter

A proposal calls for removal of all obsolete dishes, and placing new dishes on roofs, in the rear, or on the sides of buildings.


opinion | Joan Wickersham

There are some things parents never forget

When I sit in the audience at my son’s graduation, I’ll look around at the other parents and know that they are all remembering their own children as babies.

 Mitt Romney was the governor of Massachusetts from 2003-2007.


What Mitt Romney did and didn’t do for the state

He doesn’t rank with Bill Weld or Mike Dukakis, the two governors who define the modern era in Massachusetts. But he was hardly a dismal failure.

Boston Capital

The perils of health care price controls

Can market-based solutions that are so familiar to the business world really work in health care?

Katy Hayes, with her husband, Al, in 2010 at a Dallas hospital, lost all four limbs to a flesh-eating disease two years ago.

Brigham considers first US double arm transplant

A woman from Kingswood, ­Texas, could become the first person in the United States to receive transplants for both arms above the ­elbow.

Miami's Dwayne Wade and the Celtics’ Paul Pierce scrambled for a loose ball in the second game of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Wednesday.

Bob Ryan

Feel great about the Celtics despite the loss

If the Celtics lay it on the line as they did Wednesday, we should be able to live comfortably with any outcome, even a sweep.

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