Acquittal, mistrial in Edwards case

John Edwards addressed the media Thursday alongside his daughter, Cate Edwards (left), and his parents outside the federal courthouse in Greensboro, N.C.

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John Edwards, who said he did an “awful lot that was wrong” but not illegal, was found not guilty on one campaign finance fraud charge, and the jury was hung on the other counts.

Appeals court rules against Defense of Marriage Act

A federal appeals court in Boston has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act discriminates against gay couples.

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What does the DOMA ruling mean?

A local attorney says the decision is a large step toward equal rights for same-sex marriage, but there will be no immediate effect from the ruling.

Tigers 7, Red Sox 3

Red Sox drop below .500 at home

The Red Sox fell to 13-14 on the season at Fenway Park as they lost to the Tigers Thursday night.



There are some things parents never forget

When I sit in the audience at my son’s graduation, writes Joan Wickersham, I’ll look around at the other parents and know that they are all remembering their own children as babies.

Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd pitching at Fenway Park for the Red Sox in 1986.

Book review

‘They Call Me Oil Can’ by Dennis ‘Oil Can’ Boyd with Mike Shalin

The former Red Sox player tells his story, still mixing his pitches.

In “Keyhole,’’ Isabella Rossellini plays the long-lost wife of a gangster.

Movie Review

‘Keyhole’ is not a home — or is it?

It’s the first Guy Maddin movie that feels as if it got only halfway out of the director’s head and onto the screen.

Jared Gilman stars as Sam in Wes Anderson's ”Moonrise Kingdom.”

Movie Review

Wes Anderson’s ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ rises to the occasion

He lives up to his promise in the tale of very young love.

David Axelrod

In State House rally, Obama campaign knocks Romney

Obama strategist David Axelrod criticized Mitt Romney’s record as governor Thursday, while Romney supporters fired back during the rally.

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