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Crime bill removes discretion, says SJC chief

The chief justice of the Mass. Supreme Judicial Court wrote to Gov. Patrick that the crime bill before him would not allow for discretion in sentencing habitual offenders.

WGBH moving to a national radio role

The Boston station, long a national powerhouse in public television, took a step to becoming a national force in public ­radio by acquiring Public Radio International.

Researchers report hopeful HIV treatment

Two HIV-positive patients in Boston who underwent bone marrow transplants for cancer were later found to have undetectable blood levels of the virus.


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Family court — where lives unbind

Child custody. Alimony. Divorce. No one expects to end up here, writes Joan Wickersham.

Welker puts failed negotiations in past

Wes Welker said Thursday he was not disappointed that he could not work out a long-term deal with the Patriots during the offseason.

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How did ‘Monday’ become a racist slur?

A Leominster police officer’s coded insult opens up a world of regular words used for ill.

‘I stand with Chick-fil-A,’ writes Tim Thomas

The Bruins goaltender wrote on Facebook in support of the company’s president, who came under fire from Mayor Menino for comments against gay marriage.