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Transplant offers insights into possible HIV cure

Two HIV-positive patients in Boston who underwent bone marrow transplants for cancer were later found to have undetectable blood levels of the virus.

WGBH Boston acquires Public Radio International

A statement from the two companies says they will ‘‘pursue a shared vision for developing and funding’’ content for public media.

Facebook posts 32% revenue growth, beating expectations

The social networking giant reported stronger-than-expected earnings in the company’s first report since its rocky IPO two months ago.

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How did ‘Monday’ become a racist slur?

A Leominster police officer’s coded insult opens up a world of regular words used for ill.

Jon Lester is part of a roster that hasn’t changed all that much in the past three years.

It’s time to blow up Red Sox roster

It’s been four years since the Red Sox won a playoff game. It’s time for a roster makeover. Sure it may be expensive, writes Nick Cafardo, but this roster just doesn’t work anymore.

From left, Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller, Richard Ayoade and Vince Vaughn star in

Friday Preview | Movie review

‘The Watch’ is a bad movie with bad timing

Originally called “Neighborhood Watch,” 20th Century Fox pulled back on their marketing for the film, but better they should have canned the whole thing.

Roland Merullo

An unaffordable future

In this dark vision of a future America, the middle class is squeezed until college, nice vacations, and a comfortable retirement are unlikely prospects.