Romney attacked on Bain exit date

Obama’s campaign accused Mitt Romney of lying about the length of his tenure at the helm of Bain Capital, while the Romney team called the charge “reckless.”

// Filings on Romney raise questions over Bain tenure

Mitt Romney has asserted he left the firm in 1999, but records show Bain listed him on government filings as the man in charge through 2002.

Rose Art Museum names new director

Christopher Bedford would be the museum’s first permanent leader since Michael Rush left in protest over Brandeis University’s plan to sell its collection.


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Bush is the winner in tax cut duel

George W. Bush’s tax cuts were supposed to last 10 years, but we’re now on year 12, writes Joshua Green.

Sigourney Weaver stars in “Political Animals.”

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‘Political Animals’ offers Hillary Clinton-like story, with twist

“Political Animals” diverges from the Clintons in many ways, yet the similarities make this flawed but addictive drama a lot more fun than it would have been otherwise.

Tomer Sisley (with Lizzie Brocheré) plays a flawed cop and father in the French crime thriller “Sleepless Night.’’


In ‘Sleepless Night,’ crime pays (or does it?) in Paris

It’s one more French crime thriller that wants nothing more than to run its hero and its audience entertainingly ragged.

Dan Shaughnessy

// After today’s scathing report, Penn State should shut down football program

Playing football this fall would be just another demonstration that the vaunted football program is more important to Penn State than protecting children.


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Members of the 88 pit crew practice their race day technique at the Hendrick Motorsports facility.

For NASCAR pit crews, training is contact sport

On pit road, it isn’t as important to hire car experts as it is to recruit superior athletes who can become car experts.