Filings on Romney raise questions over Bain tenure

Mitt Romney has asserted he left the firm in 1999, but records show Bain listed him on government filings as the man in charge through 2002.

Obama, Romney camps swap accusations

A new Romney ad accuses Obama of misleading attacks, while the Obama campaign accused Romney of lying following a Globe report on his tenure at Bain Capital.

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SJC rules state can use Mass Pike tolls for Big Dig

The state’s highest court threw out a lawsuit by commuters who objected to tolls being used to pay for the Big Dig.

In the fourth installment of “Ice Age,’’ Denis Leary, John Leguizamo, and Ray Romano, respectively, are back as the voices of prehistoric pals (from left) Diego, Sid, and Manny.

Sky Studios/20th Century Fox

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Shivering their timbers in ‘Ice Age’

For their fourth outing, prehistoric pals are dropped into a pirate tale that couldn’t feel any more arbitrarily conceived.

Youngsters in the Dominican Republic vie for the attention of Major League Baseball and team scouts, behind whom stand the prospect of fame and wealth.

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‘Ballplayer: Pelotero’ a well-crafted, revealing film

The documentary, produced by Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine, is essential education for baseball fans. It’s a bonus that it’s so entertaining.

Dan Shaughnessy

// After today’s scathing report, Penn State should shut down football program

Playing football this fall would be just another demonstration that the vaunted football program is more important to Penn State than protecting children.

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// ‘Team player’ principle worsened Penn State scandal

At what point does a sense of loyalty to an organization above all else lead us to overlook obvious wrongdoing?