Senate rivals’ ideas differ on cutting US deficit

Elizabeth Warren has proposed spending programs for transportation and energy. Senator Scott Brown has decried spending in Washington and the inability of the two parties to find common ground.


Senator Brown and Elizabeth Warren provided five ideas for bridging the nation’s $1.2 trillion deficit, with the results highlighting why the problem has deadlocked Washington.

Scot Lehigh

The duel over tax breaks

President Obama and Mitt Romney have different ideas for tax cuts, but both are guilty of engaging in fiscal fantasy.

Jon Lester’s record fell to 5-6 after he surrendered four earned runs in 4 1/3 innings in a loss to the Yankees last week.

Dan Shaughnessy

What happened to the Red Sox?

The Red Sox franchise has become a parody of itself, led by an ownership group that has lost all sense of accountability. They are simply a trainwreck.

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney gestured during a speech to the NAACP annual convention in Houston on Wednesday.

In NAACP speech, Romney draws boos from attendees

Mitt Romney spoke today at the NAACP’s annual meeting in Houston and was greeted with the negative reaction when he pledged to repeal “Obamacare.”

// Suspects’ affluent ways helped spur drug inquiry

Fancy cars, expensive nights out at clubs, and overseas trips were big clues that the Boylston Street gang was doing more than just peddling drugs on the street.

Gambling commission may reach out to Wall Street

The state gambling commission would encourage Wall Street investors to provide the capital for ­casino companies to make bids in Massachusetts.

Jessica Reinhard, a graphic designer, took notes at the JavaScript boot camp.

Software company wants all workers to know code

Hoping to narrow the tech divide between workers, FreeCause is requiring all of their employees to learn the programming language JavaScript.


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Ray Allen’s silence wasn’t golden.

Blame to go around for Ray Allen leaving Celtics

The increasingly disturbing miscommunication among Allen, Doc Rivers, and Danny Ainge turned Allen’s final season into a nightmare.


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Carol R. Johnson spoke with Mayor Thomas M. Menino and expressed remorse.

Boston school chief hit with new criticism

Several city councilors questioned the leadership of Superintendent Carol Johnson for her actions after one of her headmasters was arrested, but Mayor Menino is steadfast in his support.

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People watched the flames shoot up from a derailed freight train. Norfolk Southern said it appeared about 11 cars of a southbound train derailed around 2 a.m. near Interstate 71, southeast of the Ohio State University campus.

Ohio freight train derails, causing fiery blast

Part of a freight train derailed and caught fire in Columbus, Ohio, early Wednesday, shooting flames skyward into the darkness and prompting the evacuation of a mile-wide area.

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Ziskin’s cicchetti can include fried sage leaves with anchovy.

Cicchetti have become popular little plates

Some of the trendiest new restaurants have menus favoring small plates. While everyone knows about Spanish tapas, cicchetti are less universal. They’re found in only one place: Venice, Italy.