Inmate accused of leading Boston drug ring

Fourteen people were arrested just after dawn Monday, dismantling an illegal operation allegedly run by a Mass. inmate that authorities likened to the TV show “The Wire.”

Kelly Tharp of Cohasset prefers her iPad for shopping over other devices or in-store buying.

Shoppers using tablets spend more online

The ease and flexibility of popular hands-on tablets like Apple Inc.’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab are ushering in a new era of online impulse buying.

President Obama was flanked by middle-class families and small-business owners during his address.

Obama opens two-front war on taxes

The president called on Congress to extend Bush-era tax cuts for families making less than $250,000 and challenged Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns.

Elizabeth Warren raises $8.67m in quarter

The Senate candidate’s haul between April and June could cement her position as the top fund-raiser among the nation’s congressional candidates.

“Ballplayer: Pelotero” tracks two young Dominican prospects as they prepare for the signing date for 16-year-olds.

Casey beck

Bobby Valentine’s baseball film stirs up controversy

The Red Sox manger says his documentary, “Ballplayer: Pelotero,” reflects reality, despite Major League Baseball’s objections to the film’s portrayal of recruiting in the Dominican Republic.

Ray Allen looked for the pass in Game 5 of the Celtics’ Eastern Conference Finals playoff series against Miami.

Bob Ryan

Bashing Ray Allen for leaving is just wrong

The idea that the former Celtic should be greeted upon his return in the uniform of the Miami Heat as anything other than a beloved alum is sadly disturbing.

Fee system proposed for use of City Hall Plaza

Boston is poised to set defined fees for the rental of the plaza, with the money going directly to city coffers instead of a nonprofit controlled by the mayor’s office.

Boston Capital

More angst over the European economy

Investors are anxious to hear what large US companies say about their business elsewhere, particularly in Europe, where economies are slowing or completely stalled.

Drug-coated stents are overused, study finds

Cardiologists are routinely overusing drug-coated stents to prop open blocked arteries in the heart rather than using bare-metal stents for patients at low-risk of another blockage.


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Kayak announced last month that it was expanding a relationship with Amadeus, a software company that provides pricing and availability Web searches for airline flights.

Travel website Kayak finally files for IPO

Kayak Software Corp. embarked on its long-delayed trip to Wall Street, pricing its shares at $22 to $25 in hopes of raising as much as $100.6 million.



Mitt Romney’s campaign said donations came from all 50 states.

Romney camp outraised Obama by $35m in June

Mitt Romney’s joint fund-raising committee announced Monday it raised $106.1 million in June, the ­second-highest monthly total ever for a ­presidential candidate.

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In Cairo Monday, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi (left) and President Mohamed Morsi (center) attended a graduation.

President, generals move closer to showdown in Egypt

Egypt’s president refused to back down on his call to reinstate Parliament, ignoring a veiled threat from the military and a rebuke from the country’s highest court.


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G Force

Fruitlands’ new director embraces the eclectic museum

Before she became the executive director of the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard last week, Wyona Lynch-McWhite headed the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton.