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Obama pushes tax-cut extension for middle class

President Obama hammered home his campaign pledge of supporting the middle class by calling for an extension to families making less than $250,000 a year.

Elizabeth Warren increases fund-raising pace

Elizabeth Warren, already the nation’s leading congressional fund-raiser, took in more than $8 million over the last three months.

A great white shark approached a kayaker at Nauset Beach on Saturday.

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Kayaker describes ‘oh my God’ moment with shark

Walter Szulc Jr. had never been in a kayak before Saturday, when a great white shark pursued him off of Nauset Beach on Cape Cod.

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Pinterest shows craving ‘stuff’ transcends generations

Isn’t the popular website the same thing for adults as a toy store is for children?


Ginsu marketing: But wait, there’s more!

The recent death of one of the men behind the ads that famously declared that, “In Japan, the hand can be used like a knife,” has prompted nostalgia for the pair’s most famous product.

Eric McCormack plays a schizophrenic neuroscience professor who helps an FBI agent (Rachael Leigh Cook) in “Perception.’’

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‘Perception’ less than sum of its quirks

The TNT crime drama enters the schedule at a moment when its brilliant-but-damaged-sleuth premise feels instantly played out.

A downed tree took out power lines last week in Washington, D.C.

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Pulling the plug on nation’s security

The ongoing power outages are an epic fail on the world stage. That our capital is in the dark is akin to riots in London or debilitating strikes in Paris.

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Can a teen’s anger mean a mental disorder?

While most teens have a violent, angry outburst at some point, nearly 8 percent have regular violent outbursts that would fall into the category of a mental health disorder.

Fashion Project is Boston-based.

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New site peddles high-end apparel to benefit charities

Fashion Project collects and sells donated high-end apparel and accessories to support organizations like the March of Dimes.

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CDC: Methadone overdose kills thousands a year

About 5,000 patients taking the prescription painkiller die every year — the vast majority from accidental overdoses.