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Ray Allen to join Heat

The Celtics’ free agent guard told the Miami Heat on Friday night that he intends to accept their contract offer and leave Boston after five seasons.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia walked towards the dugout after striking out in the ninth inning.

Yankees 10, Red Sox 8

Bats dominate but Yankees win

David Ortiz and Adrian Gonzalez had three hits apiece and Jarrod Saltalamacchia hit a three-run homer, but the Yankees held on in the first game of the series.

Students, doctors protest easing of gift ban

Governor Deval Patrick is scheduled Sunday to sign a new $32.5 billion budget that would likely loosen the state’s ban on gifts from drug and medical device firms to doctors.


// For Obama, a jobs report that keeps stinging

President Obama has four more Friday jobs reports before November, and his reelection path will get increasingly difficult if they turn out like today’s.

The T’s economic troubles may have consequences for the economic development of Boston.

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exclusive saturday preview | opinion

MBTA’s troubles bode ill for region

Greater Boston wants a world-class future, but without a functioning transit system those hopes will go off the rails, writes Derrick Z. Jackson.

Exclusive Sunday Preview | Ideas

When computers listen to music, what do they hear?

A new generation of scholars is turning music into data — and uncovering truths beyond human ears.

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// N.Y. vs. Boston: The endgame

They’ve dwarfed us in size, eclipsed us in culture, and dominated us on the diamond. And now they’re coming for the one thing we have left: Our smarts.

Billowing costumes helped the dancers in “Mana” look like modern-day monks.

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Israeli troupe runs on its own special fuel

The members of Vertigo Dance Company defy logic by appearing to defy gravity.

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