MBTA hikes felt by elderly, disabled

Users of the door-to-door paratransit service The Ride saw fares double from $2 to $4 per trip.

Fees rise at Mass. state colleges

Eight of the nine state universities have approved fee hikes averaging about 6 percent, a Boston Globe review has found.

Republican Mitt Romney opposed bilingual education during his campaign for Massachusetts governor in 2002

Mitt Romney’s education record was mixed

A review of Romney’s efforts as governor to impose changes on Mass. public schools reveals a wide disconnect between what he says on the stump and what he accomplished.

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US manufacturing shrinks for first time in 3 years

The contraction in manufacturing in June provides a troubling sign that the economy may be faltering.

An illustration showed what the long-presumed Higgs boson particle is thought to look like.

CERN scientists have strong evidence ‘God particle’ exists

Scientists working at the world’s biggest atom smasher have been seeking clues about how the universe was formed.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, who becomes the title character after being bitten by a modified spider at research facility.

Columbia Pictures

Movie Review

‘Spider-Man’ reboot a mugging, not a movie

The worst superhero movie since “Green Lantern” is a dumbed down and tarted up remake that is nothing but an uninspired cash grab.

Roger Waters brought his revival of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” to Boston.

Music Review

Roger Waters creates an even cooler ‘Wall’ at Fenway

Waters’s stadium-size version of the production he first launched two years ago in arenas is a dramatic improvement to the show’s inherent sensory overload.

Ethan St. Pierre of Haverhill, who was born a woman, said a gender change led to his firing by a previous employer.

New Mass. law backs transgender residents

The act bars discrimination in employment, housing, education, and lending.

 Dr. Daniel Oates, a Boston Medical Center geriatrician, visits one of his homebound patients, Roberta Baskerville. “It’s like talking to a friend instead of going to some clinical type of situation,” her son, Elliott, said.

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Can house calls cut health costs?

A Boston program is one of 16 in the US that is testing whether doctor visits can save money over the long run while improving health.


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Second mate John Pickering cleaned the barrel of a replica smooth-bore gun aboard the Pride of Baltimore II during a battle reenactment against the Privateer Lynx on Sunday.

Tall ships provide a taste of War of 1812

The Pride of Baltimore II battled against the Privateer Lynx Sunday, in a reenactment intended to inform the public about the War of 1812.