Fees on rise at state colleges in Mass.

Eight of the nine state universities have approved fee hikes averaging about 6 percent, a Boston Globe review has found.

The MBTA’s money room in Charlestown holds 3.4 million tokens, stored in plastic bags of 5,000.

Clock ticking down on the MBTA token

Nearly six years after the MBTA sold its last token, the T will finally stop accepting them for redemption after July 20.

The Ride users feel sharpest sting from T hikes

When MBTA fares rose by roughly 23 percent Sunday, users of the door-to-door paratransit service saw the biggest increase — a doubling of fares from $2 to $4 per trip.

Republican Mitt Romney opposed bilingual education during his campaign for Massachusetts governor in 2002

Bizuayehu Tesfaye/Associated Press

Mitt Romney’s education record was mixed

A review of Romney’s efforts as governor to impose changes on Mass. public schools reveals a wide disconnect between what he says on the stump and what he accomplished.

 Dr. Daniel Oates, a Boston Medical Center geriatrician, visits one of his homebound patients, Roberta Baskerville. “It’s like talking to a friend instead of going to some clinical type of situation,” her son, Elliott, said.


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Can house calls cut health costs?

A Boston program is one of 16 in the US that is testing whether doctor visits can save money over the long run while improving health.

John Ossenmacher (left) and Larry Rudolph created ReDigi.com, which resells songs purchased from iTunes.

Digital used record store faces lawsuit

The case involving Cambridge’s ReDigi.com, the Web’s first consignment shop for digital music, could bring a landmark decision on how copyright law applies to downloads.

The Radarange, first produced by Raytheon, was a precursor to the modern-day microwave oven.

Raytheon marks 90 years, with challenges ahead

To survive the coming era of big cuts in military spending, the Waltham defense contractor will have to rely on its legacy of innovation.

“You have to be in to do this in a big way,” according to gambling CEO Gary Loveman.

Caesars’ CEO is bullish on Suffolk bid

Gary Loveman, the chief executive of Caesars Entertainment, foresees no competition for the casino license his company is seeking at Suffolk Downs.

Danny Klein, bassist for the J. Geils Band, posed with his dog, Harlow, at his home in Boston. Harlow receives stem cell treatments at the Angell Animal Medical Center for dysplasia in her elbows.

Firms developing stem cell therapy for ailing pets

Banking on devoted pet owners, entrepreneurs have built a market of veterinary treatments that include pet massage, acupuncture, and pricey stem cell treatments.


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Red Sox 2, Mariners 1

David Ortiz belts a sacrifice fly to right to drive in the winning run against the Mariners in the 10th inning.

David Ortiz lifts Red Sox to victory

Ortiz further validated his All-Star status with a sacrifice fly in the top of the 10th inning that gave the Sox a 2-1 win over the Mariners.


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Satellite radio lets you text from the wilderness

In case you’re planning a road trip that will take you out of cell range, Maine-based mapping company DeLorme offers the inReach, which keeps users connected via satellite.


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Movie Review

“The Amazing Spider-Man” stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, who becomes the title character after being bitten by a modified spider at research facility.

‘Spider-Man’ an uninspired reboot

The worst superhero movie since “Green Lantern,” “The Amazing Spider-Man” is a dumbed down and tarted up remake that plays like the contract extension it is.