Mitt Romney jumps ahead in Florida

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich traded words today, as two new polls showed Romney opening a double-digit lead as Tuesday’s primary vote approaches. Gingrich appeals for support as vote nears

Newt Gingrich attempted to draw a starker ideological divide between himself and Mitt Romney today, calling the former governor a Mass. liberal.[1].jpg Blood found at site where Maine girl vanished

Maine State Police confirmed that blood was found in the basement of the Waterville house where 20-month-old Ayla Reynolds was reported missing.

Jeff Jacoby

Eliminate the RMV

What Governor Patrick should be asking is why issuing or renewing driver’s licenses needs to be a government function at all.

Gareth Cook

In godless we don’t trust

It is time for the United States to confront its prejudice toward those who do not believe in a supreme being.

Thousands rally for Patriots

More than 10,000 fans poured into Gillette Stadium today to support the Patriots as the team prepared to embark on its Super Bowl trip to Indianapolis.

Bill Greene / Globe Staff

Fans streamed into Gillette Stadium today to see the Patriots before the team headed to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl.

Bill Greene / Globe Staff

Patrick Chung (front) and other players gave fans high-fives.

Bill Greene / Globe Staff

Enthusiastic Patriots fans cheered for the team.

Bill Greene / Globe Staff

Tom Brady waved to the crowd.

Bill Greene / Globe Staff

Tight end Aaron Hernandez and receiver Julian Edelman (front right) came out to see the fans.

Bill Greene / Globe Staff

Patriots owner Robert Kraft waved to the fans.

Bill Greene / Globe Staff

Patriots coach Bill Belichick was also in attendance.

Aaron Hernandez grew up west of Hartford in Bristol, Conn., which is more Giants country, and there are plenty of Giants fan in his family.

Super Bowl a thrill for homegrown Patriots

Heavily-tattooed, hard-running, hybrid offensive weapon Aaron Hernandez leads a trio of New Englanders playing in the Super Bowl.

Takashi Ito@PhotoRun

The big Olympics gamble

With the 2012 Summer Games just months away, shoemakers are hoping the runners they signed to endorsement deals will lead them to retail victory.


Was the Costa Concordia’s captain a coward?

Francesco Schettino may have acted cowardly when his ship crashed in Italian waters earlier this month. But that wasn’t his worst mistake, writes Patrick Smith.

“It’s crazy to think about what Boston’s been through in the last 10 years. It’s awesome.”

Myles Lane,  on the city’s championship wins

Globe Insiders

Globe Insiders Video hc c--90x90.jpg Globe Insider video: Behind ‘The Real Romney’

Boston Globe reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman talk about their new biography on GOP presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.


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Scott Brown released a more complete version of his military personnel file yesterday after the National Guard provided the Globe a heavily redacted record  Friday in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

Brown issues fuller National Guard records

Senator Brown released a more complete version of his military personnel file yesterday after the National Guard provided the Globe a heavily redacted record Friday.



In his radio and Internet address yesterday, Obama said many people he met during his five-state tour after his State of the Union address were optimistic but remained unsure “that the right thing will get done in Washington this year, or next year, or the year after that.’’

Obama calls for break in gridlock

President Obama is pressing his case for changes in how the Senate does business and he wants to bar lawmakers from profiting from their service.


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On the Hot Seat

Harsha Agadi, chief executive of Friendly’s.

Friendly’s back on firmer ground

Friendly’s chief executive Harsha Agadi spoke about the challenges of Chapter 11, the need for crisper french fries, and what the future holds for the home of the Fribble.


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In his second year, Bruins winger Tyler Seguin is leading the NHL in plus-minus and has made his first All-Star team.

Bruins’ Tyler Seguin starting to pick up speed

Seguin’s swift skating, force of shot, and quick release separate him from perhaps 95 percent of the NHL’s rank and file, including those who will fill today’s All-Star rosters.


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Travel | BERMUDA

Royal Naval Dockyard Photo credit Bermuda Department of Tourism 29bermuda

On a Bermuda cruise, experience life at sea with time to explore

There are cruises for all tastes. Some are about the ship, but others are about stopping at port cities. A hybrid cruise allows the charms of life at sea without keeping to a schedule.