In Fla., donations to Gingrich erase Romney’s edge

A casino magnate and his wife - who have each given $5 million to assist Newt Gingrich - provide the most graphic example yet of how wealthy individuals can influence political campaigns.

Yvonne Abraham

Civil legal aid is a sound investment for all of us

Sometimes, the world puts you in a situation so unfair, so absurd, that only a lawyer can get you out of it. But what if you can’t afford a lawyer?

Gov. Patrick on Tim Thomas: We’re losing ‘basic courtesy’

Governor Deval Patrick struck a disappointed tone today as he commented on Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas’s decision not to attend a White House event.

A big Delahunt footprint in Keating’s new district

Running in a newly configured Congressional district is not the only problem facing Rep. William R. Keating, who now finds himself shadow boxing with another powerful figure.

Fred Field for The Boston Globe

Iraq war’s end bring new grief to mother who lost son

When the last American troops left Iraq in December, the war began anew for Nancy Chamberlain, whose son was one of the conflict’s first US casualties.

Tight market for Boston apartment hunters

Rents in the Boston area hit record highs in the last quarter of 2011, pushed up by increased demand and declining inventory.

Newton stunned by 2d case of child porn in two weeks

Authorities announced yesterday that they had arrested Peter Buchanan, a 10-year city employee who had worked most recently in the Newton Public Library.

Sterling Moore making an impact for Patriots

Moore, picked up off the scrap heap this season and largely unknown to Patriots fans two months ago, broke up the potential game-winning pass on Sunday.

“When they announced that all the troops were coming home, I lost it. My son wasn’t coming home, and that was the first time I let it sink in.”

Mary Chamberlain, mother of a Marine  who died in Iraq

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Editorial Events Picture Perfect: Insider Photography Tips from Essdras M Suarez

Interested in photography? Learn more about your craft by attending this special lecture with Pulitzer Prize-winning Globe photographer, Essdras M Suarez.

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Rules seek less fat, more fruit in school meals

Hoping to combat the growing epidemic of childhood obesity, the Obama administration yesterday announced its long-awaited changes to government-subsidized school meals.


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Gulf Oil is looking to become an electricity supplier

The Framingham-based company said it will launch the new service, Gulf Electricity, in Connecticut in March, but expects to expand into Massachusetts in about a year.


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Roy Oswalt, Red Sox may not be a match

Oswalt is more interested in joining Texas or St. Louis, a source said. So the Red Sox may turn to Edwin Jackson for starting pitching depth.



Best and worst of Paris and Milan’s men’s fashion shows

Design houses such as agnes b., Thom Browne, and Givenchy attempted alien anticipation of the future, while Louis Vuitton and Kenzo opted for a gentlemen’s view of updated masculine elegance.