Gingrich, Romney court Florida’s Hispanic vote

As a new poll showed Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney in a dead heat, both candidates visited South Florida to try to appeal to some of the state’s 1.5 million Hispanic voters.

Patrick’s $32.3b budget includes ‘tough choices’

The budget plan released by Governor Patrick today would eliminate 400 executive branch jobs and close a prison in Norfolk, but would also boost state aid to local schools and community colleges.

Joslin Diabetes Center gets $10.8m to expand research

The Boston diabetes research hospital will use the largest capital infusion in its 113-year history to renovate part of its seven-story building in Boston’s Longwood Medical Area.

Jeff Jacoby

Shut up, they explained

Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren’s “People’s Pledge” is designed to keep out third-party advertising in the Senate seat race. But there is nothing admirable about Brown and Warren seeking to squelch electoral speech.

 Scott J. Campbell (Tunny), Van Hughes (Johnny) and Jake Epstein (Will) in AMERICAN IDIOT (Photo by Doug Hamilton) 26idiot

Doug Hamilton for The Boston Globe

exclusive thursday preview | THEATER REVIEW

‘American Idiot’ packs emotional wallop with Green Day’s music

Feeling bad has seldom felt so good. The touring stage adaptation of Green Day’s 2004 album has arrived at the Boston Opera House, and it is flat-out electrifying.

Exclusive Thursday Preview | G COVER

Why our pets are getting fatter

Mayor Menino’s promise to help Bostonians lose 1 million pounds this year is at once ambitious and doesn’t go far enough. Our cats and dogs need help, too.

Autism gaining greater visibility in films, TV

A wave of movies, television dramas, and bestselling books is drawing pop culture attention to the mannerisms and behavior associated with the disorder.


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The Queen Bee, a 26-foot pleasure boat, was found 20 miles off the coast of Spain last week.

After three years, Nantucket ‘ghost boat’ gets to Spain

The Queen Bee, a 26-foot pleasure boat, threw its passengers overboard off the coast of Nantucket in 2008. Last week, devoid of a captain or crew, it was found off the coast of Spain.


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On football

Numbers don’t show it, but Tom Brady shined

What you saw in the AFC title game was playoff football. Fantasy points don’t count. Winning does. And Brady had a terrific performance against a tough Ravens defense.