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Obama wants higher taxes on rich, incentives for jobs

President Obama used his State of the Union address to pledge that the tools of government would be used to rescue the middle class and restore tax fairness.


In the State of Union address tonight, President Obama said restoring a fair shot for all is, ‘‘the defining issue of our time.’’

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He pleaded for an active government that ensures economic fairness for everyone, as his opponents demand that the government back off and let the free market rule.


Standing in front of a divided Congress, with bleak hope this election year for his legislative agenda, Obama spoke with voters in mind.


Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who survived an assassination attempt one year ago, received sustained applause from her peers. Obama embraced her as he made his way to the front.

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‘‘The state of our union is getting stronger,’’ Obama said, calibrating his words as millions remain unemployed. Romney 2012.JPEG-06ca3-716--90x90.jpg Amid pressure, Romney releases tax returns

Mitt Romney, whose prior refusal to release his tax returns provided a line of attack for Newt Gingrich and other rivals, earned more than $42 million over the last two years.


Romney’s tax returns undercut GOP message

Mitt Romney has sought to portray the economic crisis as the product of excessive spending and ruinous taxation. But his tax returns just don’t back that up.

Judge rules ‘Rockefeller’ to stand trial

The man known as “Clark Rockefeller” will face trial to defend himself against charges that he killed the son of his former landlady, a Superior Court judge decided today.

Judge dismisses BC suit

A federal judge today dismissed a lawsuit by developers of a Boston College oral history project, who sought to block the release of interviews with former IRA members.

exclusive wednesday preview | g cover

For Chinese New Year, dishing up good taste with tradition

The Year of the Dragon has begun, and Om chef Patricia Yeo’s dishes pop as intensely as the pans they sizzle in.

exclusive wednesday preview | Dining Out Storyville is more club than restaurant, but food shines

Not everyone is eating at the Back Bay nightclub, but when the food comes, it’s dynamite.


Tim Thomas: It’s all about him

The Bruins’ Stanley Cup celebration at the White House was a non-political event, but meant to honor the team and their fans. Instead, Tim Thomas’ protest made it about him.


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This Nov. 20, 1963 photo released by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston shows President John F. Kennedy and  Jacqueline Kennedy descending the Grand Staircase at the White House.

Last of secretly-recorded JFK tapes released

In tapes released today, President John F. Kennedy’s voice can be heard on the day before he left for the November 1963 trip to Dallas during which he was assassinated.

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Apple profit doubles as iPhone fuels sales

Apple Inc. reported quarterly profit that more than doubled as holiday purchases of the iPhone catapulted sales to a record with sales rising 73 percent.


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Capitals 5, Bruins 3

Mathieu Perreault (85) celebrated with his teammates after scoring his third goal of the game against the Bruins.

Perreault leads Capitals past Bruins

Mathieu Perreault got his first career hat trick, including the tie-breaking goal in the third, to lead the Capitals to a 5-3 victory over the Bruins.


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Claremont Trio reboots Gardner series in new hall

The Gardner Museum’s popular chamber music series returned from its hiatus on Sunday and took up residence in its gleaming new home featuring a youthful ensemble, the Claremont Trio.


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Alex Beam

Can fame coexist with obscurity?

Alex Beam’s trip to China leads to consideration of the difference between Yao Ming famous and Julia Allison ‘famous.’