State of the Commonwealth, 7:30 p.m.

Patrick to propose broad community college changes

In tonight’s State of the Commonwealth address, Governor Deval Patrick will seek to create a centralized board for the state’s 15 community college campuses.

Republican debate | 9 p.m.

GOP hopefuls to meet in Florida

Mitt Romney will be seeking to rebound and Newt Gingrich to show he’s more than a one-state wonder in the first of two contests before next week’s Florida primary.

Cost of Super Bowl tickets, travel on the rise

The cheapest tickets to the game are already going for more than $2,000, and round-trip flights from Boston to Indianapolis average $800.

Thefts on the MBTA rose last year

While violent crimes committed on the MBTA remained nearly the same as the previous year, property crime rose 26 percent.



The potty-talk police

George Carlin did not speak for all of us when he named seven words that can’t be said on television. Every family comes up with its own, but policing the use of them can be tough, writes Jennifer Graham.

Members of the Bruins were honored by President Obama today at the White House.

Obama welcomes Bruins to White House

President Obama honored the team for its Stanley Cup title and joked he had seen too many championships from local teams. “Enough already, Boston,” he said.

Study: Men spend more if women are few

An MIT study found hints that a male-female imbalance can cause men to go through their paychecks faster and increase the amount they’d spend to woo a woman.


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Like their team, Patriots fans survive

The AFC title game had the fatalism of being a Boston sports fan butting up against the confidence built from a decade of unprecedented success and against-the-wall miracles.


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Health and wellness

G Force

Professor Gary Marcus with members of the band Rush Hour, all 11 years old at the time (from left), Sarah, Riley, and Ryan. Marcus says he would encourage a child to study music. ‘‘And I would try to make it fun. And not be so results oriented.’’

Studying music and the brain

A few years ago, Gary Marcus, a psychology professor at New York University, decided to learn how to play the guitar while also studying how the brain learns music.