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Patriots beat Ravens in old, grind-it-out style

Here’s all you need to know about how different and special this win was: The Patriots did it without the benefit of a single Tom Brady touchdown pass.


Patriots defense stands tall in AFC title game

Maligned for much of the season as the Patriots’ Achilles’ heel, the defense was at the heart of the win against the Ravens.

On Football Vince Wilfork the difference-maker in Patriots’ win

Hardly anyone was talking about Wilfork in the lead-up to the game. It was a big mistake, as Wilfork had maybe the best game of his eight-year career.

Dan Shaughnessy Patriots earn Super Bowl rematch with the Giants

Now they are back in the big game, which means a chance for redemption and immortality for Belichick and Brady - who have never fully recovered from Super Bowl XLII.

Mass. firms see riches, jobs in charting oceans of data

The state is home to more than 100 companies that focus on what is known as “big data’’ - the ability to quickly dissect and understand a flood of information.

Brown, Warren sign pledge banning third-party ads

Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Elizabeth Warren have signed an agreement designed to control outside spending on the Senate race.

Mitt Romney laboring to regain advantage

Romney began recalibrating his campaign yesterday with sharper attacks on Newt Gingrich and a pledge to quickly release some tax returns.

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A doctor to watch over you

In the new system of “global payments,” patients will have more contact with their primary providers — whether they like it or not.

“It’s a kick I’ve probably kicked a thousand times in my career. I just went out there and didn’t convert. That’s the way things go.”

Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff,  on his missed field goal, which sealed the Patriots’ AFC title win


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Like their team, Patriots fans survive

The AFC title game had the fatalism of being a Boston sports fan butting up against the confidence built from a decade of unprecedented success and against-the-wall miracles.

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More may have been aboard ship

Unregistered passengers might have been aboard the stricken cruise liner that capsized off the coast of Italy and are feared among the missing, a top rescue official said.


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High-tech firms find fertile turf in South Boston

A vibrant scene is taking hold in the Innovation District on the South Boston Waterfront as technology companies move in and amenities follow.

Health and wellness

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Professor Gary Marcus with members of the band Rush Hour, all 11 years old at the time (from left), Sarah, Riley, and Ryan. Marcus says he would encourage a child to study music. ‘‘And I would try to make it fun. And not be so results oriented.’’

Studying music and the brain

A few years ago, Gary Marcus, a psychology professor at New York University, decided to learn how to play the guitar while also studying how the brain learns music.