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The lonely superpower

Uncle Sam, alone on a seesaw.

David Flaherty for The Boston Globe

As the United States is discovering, it’s not so easy to be the solo heavyweight.


What to do about Iran

Instead of rushing to war, the United States should continue on its path of strategic patience.

Carlo Rotella

Why academics turn into robots on TV

In this election year, the population of academic talking heads on TV and radio has begun to increase. But often, their appearances leave everyone unfulfilled, like a Bill Belichick press conference, writes Carlo Rotella.

Brian McGrory

Occupy Hingham? This is too easy

Hingham is to protests what my native Weymouth is to, say, common sense. The town motto: You propose it, we’ll oppose it. And now they were coming down against Wall Street.

Romney: Gingrich should release ethics papers

As a new poll showed Newt Gingrich leading Mitt Romney in South Carolina, Romney today called on Gingrich to release a potentially damaging congresisonal ethics report.

Brown, Warren campaigns fail to reach deal on ad ban

Campaign staffs for Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren left negotiations in Boston today without an agreement to curb outside advertising.

State promises $5.2b in local aid to cities, towns

Funding in the next fiscal year includes a $145 million increase for schools, the highest level of state aid to local school districts in state history.

Ex-conductor apologizes for sex offender hire

Benjamin Zander, who last week said he had done nothing wrong after being fired by the New England Conservatory for hiring a registered sex offender, apologized today.

“Geek pride is something you exercise with caution. It’s not necessarily a pickup line I would use.’’

Sriram Krishnan,  four-time MIT Integration Bee champion


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Gaming Commission won’t rush on casinos

State gambling regulators will not open the sweepstakes for the three casino licenses for at least another nine to 18 months, says commission chief Stephen P. Crosby.

Nation & World

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Wild day, feisty debate scramble GOP race

The raucous debate capped off a tumultuous 24 hours for the Republican party, leaving the impression that South Carolina’s primary has become a shaken snow globe.


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Cayman funds spur scrutiny for Romney

Mitt Romney’s campaign continued to deny suggestions yesterday that he invested money in off-shore funds to dodge US taxes — and some industry executives backed him up.


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Patriots owner Robert Kraft answered questions on numerous topics today.

Bill Belichick keeps proving Robert Kraft right

The Patriots owner, in a wide-ranging interview today, said network TV officials tried to tell him in 2000 that hiring Belichick would be bad for his franchise.


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Movie Review

David Oyelowo is Joe “Lightning’’ Little in the World War II movie “Red Tails.’’

‘Red Tails’ tends to stall when it is in the air

This George Lucas-produced action movie about Tuskegee Airmen during World War II means well, but it’s too basic to be rousing or even heartening.