Market heats up for office towers

Boston’s office towers are again hot commodities after several years of slow sales, a sign the city’s economic recovery is gathering speed.

One possible factor in the falloff of GOP voters in the New Hampshire primary, where Mitt Romney won easily, is that the outcome was never in doubt.

GOP voter turnout down in N.H., Iowa

The number of Republican voters taking part in the New Hampshire primary and Iowa caucuses dropped significantly this year, a Globe review of data shows.

Retired minister Cornish Rogers, 82, was born the same year as was Martin Luther King Jr., whose birthday is officially celebrated today. The two men studied together at Boston University in the 1950s.

Memories of one-on-one with MLK

Retired minister Cornish Rogers, a friend of Martin Luther King Jr., recalls his days with King at BU, from studying theology to their basketball games at a local church gym.

Adrian Walker

When Martin Luther King Jr. came to Boston

Dr. King’s trip to Boston in the spring of 1965 was an early glimpse into the strife over school desegregation that would define the city a decade later.


Justice is variable as US hears immigrants’ appeals

The starkly different treatment of two men with families and ties to the community underscores the seemingly random decisions meted out by immigration officials.

Ice may have caused Murray crash

Independent analysis suggests that Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray did not fall asleep at the wheel during his Nov. 2 car crash, as police concluded, and more likely skidded on ice.

Above, the cast of

‘Artist,’ ‘Descendants’ win big at Globes

‘The Artist’’ and “The Descendants’’ were the biggest movie winners at the 69th Golden Globe Awards, with two awards each, while Showtime's “Homeland’’ took home the prize for best TV drama.


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Absenteeism rife at Boston high schools

More than a third of the students in the city's public high schools were chronically absent last year, even as the city undertook additional efforts to lure students to school.


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State Police DNA techniques unlock Mediterranean secrets

A Mass. archeologist is using crime-solving DNA methods to reveal what ancient Greeks carried in the clay pots they stacked in the hulls of ships.


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Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine, right, was fired Nov. 27, 2011 amid an investigation into child molestation allegations against him.

One of Bernie Fine’s accusers says he lied

A prison inmate who accused the former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach of abusing him as a child admitted that he made up his claim.

Health and wellness

G force

“Air pollution is an example of something you’re not able to modulate easily on your own,” said Dr. Megan Sandel. “You are relying on the federal and state government to regulate it.”

The doctor prescribes clean air

Dr. Megan Sandel, an associate professor of pediatrics and public health at Boston Medical Center, is an expert on asthma and air pollution.


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Sarah Jones and Sam Neill star in the new Fox series, “Alcatraz,’’ from “Lost’’ creator J.J. Abrams.

‘Alcatraz’ a new island of mystery

The island of “Lost’’ and the famous prison exist in different worlds, but “Alcatraz’’ has a drop of story DNA from previous J.J. Abrams efforts.