Romney rolls to victory in N.H. primary

Mitt Romney parlayed years of planning and a disciplined attack on President Obama into a win that vaults him closer to the GOP presidential nomination.


Vennochi and Jacoby on Romney's win

Globe columnists Jeff Jacoby and Joan Vennochi analyzed Mitt Romney's big win in New Hampshire.

Joan Vennochi

Gingrich’s ‘Gordon Gekko’ attack didn’t work

Democrats take note: Newt Gingrich’s effort to turn Mitt Romney into Gordon Gekko, the cut-throat corporate raider from Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street,’’ didn’t work.

Jeff Jacoby

‘Acceptable’ is pronounced ‘winner’

For anyone gauging the GOP presidential contest, this week’s most significant poll results weren’t the ones tabulated in N.H. They were the ones released by Gallup yesterday.

Brian McGrory

Fond farewell to GOP circus

Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I’m going to miss these guys, the most motley group of presidential candidates to ever gather in a state and on a stage.

Joanna Weiss

The big loser: New Hampshire

The 2012 primaries might well make New Hampshire look irrelevant.

Scot Lehigh

Romney’s Bain record should remain an issue

If the Republicans don’t examine Mitt Romney’s Bain jobs record in the primaries, Democrats will make sure that voters will in the general election.


In Romney’s victory in N.H., a shrewd strategy bears fruit

Mitt Romney’s solid victory in New Hampshire puts the former Massachusetts governor in a commanding position for his party’s presidential nomination.

N.H. results

95% precincts reported
Mitt Romney
95,669 votes
Ron Paul
55,455 votes
Jon Huntsman
40,903 votes
Newt Gingrich
22,921 votes
  • Rick Santorum 9.3%
  • Rick Perry .7%
  • Buddy Roemer .4%
  • Total Write-ins .3%

Road to nomination still challenging for Romney

Mitt Romney faces a treacherous path to the Republican National Convention, even after his historic, back-to-back victories in Iowa and N.H.

Groundwork, political good will pay off for Romney

Mitt Romney helped the GOP in N.H. regain control of both the state House and Senate, laying a foundation of support that paid off in his primary victory last night.


Paul gains momentum with runner-up finish

Ron Paul’s second-place showing gave the Texas congressman much-needed momentum as the campaign heads south, first to South Carolina then Florida.


In third place, Huntsman declares he’s headed for S.C.

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, finishing third in yesterday’s New Hampshire primary, declared he will remain in the race and go on to South Carolina.


Gingrich plans what may be his last stand

Despite a second straight back-of-the-pack finish, Newt Gingrich left New Hampshire to South Carolina, where he will attempt what may be a last-ditch stand.

“Tonight, we celebrate. Tomorrow, we go back to work.”

Mitt Romney,  to supporters after winning the N.H. primary


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Gardner Museum offers first look at major renovation

Today, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum unveils its $118 million expansion and renovation project to the media, sparking a busy week of star-studded affairs.


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Steve Pagliuca said Bain’s staff has come to terms with political attacks.

Romney foes put Bain on defensive

Bain Capital executives have been bracing for the downside to their former boss’s running for president: seeing their firm’s name dragged through the mud by Mitt Romney’s opponents.


Political Notebook

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is accusing Mitt Romney of “raising taxes on guns by 400 percent’’ when he was governor of Massachusetts.

Newt Gingrich attacks Romney on gun ‘tax’

Looking ahead to the South Carolina primary, Gingrich accused Mitt Romney of “raising taxes on guns by 400 percent’’ when he was governor of Massachusetts.

Nation & World

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N.C. is urged to compensate those it made sterile

As many as 2,000 people forcibly sterilized decades ago should get $50,000 each, a task force said, marking the first time a state has moved to compensate victims of eugenics programs.


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bruins 5, jets 3

The Bruins Shawn Thornton scored against Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec on a second-perod penalty shot to tie the game at 2-2. The Bruins went on to win 5-3.

Boston comes from behind to defeat Winnipeg

Nathan Horton’s second goal of the game keyed Boston’s three-goal third period as the Bruins beat the Winnipeg Jets 5-3 tonight.

Food and dining


8 hot restaurant trends for 2012 from Boston-area chefs

In Boston, 2011 was a year of upscale Mexican restaurants and food trucks, with a continued emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients. What will the new year look like on the table?


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The Klezmatics’ entertaining story

In this entertaining documentary, the show-business cliches of the band’s story are transcended by its members’ feisty personalities and skilled, joyful Yiddish music.