How to read tonight’s N.H. results

If Mitt Romney scores a double-digit victory, there will be much talk of his unstoppable momentum. But if he gets under 30 percent, a different story will be told.

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What to look for in New Hampshire voting

Globe columnist Joanna Weiss talks about the key storylines to look out for when the votes are counted tonight in New Hampshire.

FOR National. Manchester, NH 1/10/2012 GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul shakes the hands of his supporters as he walks up to Webster School. He did not enter the building, but shook many hands, then left. GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul greets supporters at Webster School on the day of the GOP presidential primary election, in Manchester, NH on Tuesday, January 10, 2012. (Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff) Section: National Slug: n/a Reporter: n/a LOID: 5.0.750593221

Paul plans strong presence in Florida

A spokesman downplayed previous reports that Ron Paul would not try to actively compete in Florida, as the campaign remains upbeat about today’s election. 2012.JPEG-0d7ff-743--90x90.jpg Gingrich blasts Romney for ‘gun tax’ hike in Mass.

Looking ahead to the South Carolina primary, Newt Gingrich has accused Mitt Romney of “raising taxes on guns by 400 percent” when he was governor of Massachusetts.

Bain, private equity firms jarred by attacks on Romney

Executives at Bain Capital have been bracing since last summer for the inevitable downside to their old boss running for president: seeing their firm’s name dragged through the mud.

Fannie Mae CEO to step down

Michael J. Williams, who was appointed to lead the mortgage giant in 2009 after the government seized the company, said “the time is right” for a new leader.

The band Fishbone, pictured in 1985.

Ann Summa/Pale Griot Films

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Reeling in ‘The Story of Fishbone’

This smartly assembled documentary is about a rock band that, even by the standards of out-there musical acts, seemed out there both in the early 1980s and even now.


The entertaining story of the Klezmatics

In this entertaining documentary, the show-business cliches of the band’s story are transcended by its members’ feisty personalities and skilled, joyful Yiddish music.

“We’ve given the state our heart and soul. That’s all you can do. We’ll wait and see what it means tonight.”

 Jon Huntsman


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Ariz. authorities seek link in fatal shootings

Authorities want to compare ballistics evidence from the slaying of a N.H. couple outside Sedona to evidence obtained after the killing of a sheriff’s deputy in a neighboring county.


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‘‘Vacant homes have been sitting around for quite some time now,’’ Rosengren said. ‘‘That is an impediment to the recovery.’’

Boston Fed chief seeks more help for housing

Eric Rosengren, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, cautions against too much austerity while housing woes and unemployment plague the economy.

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A handout picture released by the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) shows Syrian President Bashar al-Assad delivering a speech in Damascus on January 10, 2012. Assad firmed up a timetable for promised reform in the face of 10 months of anti-regime protests but vowed to crush

Syria’s Assad vows ‘iron hand’ against opponents

In his first speech since June, Syrian President Bashar Assad refused today to step down, insisting he still has his people’s support despite a 10-month-old revolt.


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Celtics Notebook

“We have to be in better shape,” Doc Rivers said about his Celtics team.

Doc Rivers’ calls out Celtics’ conditioning

His 4-4 team has to be tougher and more ready to play before it can expect to win consistently, Rivers said. Added the coach, “We have to be in better shape.”


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G Force

“You don’t have to eat organic to eat healthily,” said Michael Pollan. “Eating real food, whether it’s organic or not, is going to do a lot for your health.”

Doing right by your diet

Michael Pollan, a science journalist and author of ‘‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’’ and ‘‘Food Rules,’’ will be speaking later this month at the Boston Speakers Series.