Rivals race to block Romney sweep

Mitt Romney is riding high in New Hampshire, where he served dinner last night.

brian snyder/Reuters

As Mitt Romney’s rivals prepared to focus their fire on him in tonight's debate, Rick Santorum surprised by drawing large crowds in New Hampshire yesterday.

Paul’s libertarian zeal draws in younger voters

Ron Paul's policies and rhetoric is appealing to younger voters who want a different kind of change from that promised by then-candidate Barack Obama in 2008.

To get dressed for success, GOP candidates go casual

As the race for the Republican nomination intensifies, why is one contender dressing like Mister Rogers’s brother and others less willing to wear a suit than a teenage boy would be?

School bus operator gets $800,000 fine

Boston public schools are fining First Student Inc. for chronic tardiness, even as one in 10 buses are still arriving after the first bell rings.

Newborn named after fallen firefighter

About 11 days after Peabody firefighter James M. Rice died while fighting a fire at an apartment building, a 7-pound, 9-ounce baby girl named Bella Rice Jaber was born.

N.H. diner thrives with politics on the menu

The Red Arrow’s reputation as a local hangout for national politics has helped it prosper during an economic climate that has shuttered many small businesses.

O'Brien will pull double duty for Patriots, Penn State

Bill O’Brien was hired last night as Penn State’s new head football coach, and will return to New England shortly to continue helping the Patriots prepare for the playoffs.

“We’re glad we’ve seen improvement, but no one will be satisfied until every single bus and every single child gets to school on time.”

Rev. Gregory Groover Sr.,  chairman of the Boston School Committee


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Appalachian Club to name new leader

Founded in 1876, the 100,000-member Appalachian Mountain Club opens a new chapter in its long history by naming John Judge as its next president.


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US adds 200,000 jobs in December

The burst of hiring drove the unemployment rate down to its lowest level in almost three years, and led some economists to conclude that job market improvement might last.


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O'Brien hire met with mixed emotions

Because interim coach Tom Bradley — or anyone else within the school’s extended family — didn’t get the job, it’s caused another storm, and brought considerable backlash.