Romney polls strong as N.H. vote nears

More than 40 percent of New Hampshire voters supported Mitt Romney in two polls released today. Nurse challenges Santorum

Rick Santorum was confronted today by a registered nurse who challenged him on an earlier comment that no one has ever died because of a lack of health care.

Anti-smoking campaign saves Mass. $3 for every $1 spent

The costs translate into an annual net savings of about $14.7 million for the state Medicaid program, a new study finds.

Prosecutor: Accused trooper has ‘no respect for the law’

A federal prosecutor today urged a judge to keep a veteran state trooper accused of extortion and threatening to kill a bookie in custody pending his trial.


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Don Cheadle makes ‘House of Lies’ worth believing in

In a new series premiering Sunday, the versatile actor plays hot-blooded spin doctor Marty Kaan, a character who should feel right at home on Showtime.

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ImprovBoston spoofs the ‘Twilight’ craze

It was just a matter of time before improv troupes took a crack at spoofing Stephenie Meyer’s ubiquitous saga of vampire novels and the movies they’ve spun off.

Bill O’Brien’s hiring draws criticism from Penn Staters

Former players lashed out at the university for choosing the Patriots coordinator. LaVar Arrington said he would cut ties with the school if O’Brien is installed.

“You got the trifecta - more people working, wages up, and the average work week up.”

Economist Stuart Hoffman 


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Technician Shawn Cable repaired a video game console at a computer store in Winter Park, Fla.

Job market gains momentum

US employers added more than 200,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 8.5 percent - the lowest level in almost three years.