Job market picks up steam in Dec.

US employers added more than 200,00 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 8.5 percent - the lowest level in almost three years.

Boston Capital

Mitt Romney’s challenge if the economy improves

An American economy accelerating through the spring could blunt Romney’s principal selling point, writes Steven Syre.

Boston Fed chief urges more housing, small business aid

Eric Rosengren called for the Federal Reserve to stimulate “a more rapid recovery” by cutting long-term interest rates.


For vision and national unity, Huntsman for GOP nominee

Jon Huntsman would be a better president than Mitt Romney, writes the Globe’s editorial board. But if he fails in his quest, he could still make Romney a better candidate.



Who are really behind those angry online rants?

Reading some online comments is like watching “The Jerry Springer Show,’’ writes Carlo Rotella. The question isn’t, How can people sink so low? It’s really, Why do people like to watch other people pretend to sink so low?


Where’s Whitey Bulger? Don’t ask your travel guide...

While some travel guidebooks say a lot of nice things about Boston, they also get a few things wrong — big and small.

Giants of the stage laud, mourn pioneering Hub director Wheeler

David Wheeler’s constancy, vision, and passion for championing provocative new playwrights endured to the end of his life.

“You got the trifecta - more people working, wages up, and the average work week up.”

Economist Stuart Hoffman 


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Homeless veterans are target of new housing initiative

Participants in a new federally funded program will receive federal housing vouchers specifically for veterans, mental health services, and psychiatric evaluations.


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Retail sales surge, but not the profits

Many merchants rang up strong sales in December but steep promotions took a toll on the bottom line at some retailers this holiday season.


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Josh McDaniels was the Rams’ offensive coordinator in the 2011 season.

Josh McDaniels reunion possible for Patriots?

A league source indicated the Patriots may consider re-hiring McDaniels, who was the team’s play-caller until he left after the 2008 season to coach the Broncos.