After primary victories, Romney hits trail in Ohio

Romney in Ohio

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Mitt Romney struck a sharper populist tone in the Buckeye State today, wasting no time hitting the campaign trail after last night’s wins in Michigan and Arizona.

Scott Brown leads Elizabeth Warren in poll

A poll shows Republican US Senator Scott Brown ahead of Democrat Elizabeth Warren by 9 to 10 percentage points, a sign of potential concern for Warren after other polls showed a closer race.

Missing BC student’s home is searched

Investigators turned their sights on Franco Garcia's family home as divers searched the Chestnut Hill Reservoir for the third straight day today.

Storms slam Midwest, killing 9

The system tore through Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas, producing multiple reports of tornadoes.

AP Photo/The Southern Illinoisan,Paul Newton

The storm destroyed homes in Harrisburg, Ill.

AP Photo/Daily American Repubic, Paul Davis

Lindsey Kidd surveyed the damage to home of her boyfriend's parents outside Puxico, Mo.

AP Photo/The Southern Illinoisan,Paul Newton

Emergency crews combed through the wreckage in Harrisburg, Ill.

AP Photo/The Gleaner, Darrin Phegley

Judy Hudnall sifted through debris in Henderson Ky.


Winter returns to the region

Forecasters expect slick roads and poor visibility this evening from a storm that may deliver as much as 8 inches of snow to the Boston area.

Lady Gaga arrives at Harvard University to launch her Born This Way Foundation.

Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfrey visit Harvard

The stars are headlining an event for the singer’s foundation, which is expected to make cyberbullying a focus. Monkees singer Davy Jones has died at age 66

Jones rose to fame after joining the British popular rock group formed for a television show.

“We didn’t win by a lot but we won by enough, and that’s all that counts.”

Mitt Romney,  on the Michigan primary

Globe Insiders

Globe Insider Event | March 5, 5:30 p.m.[1]--90x90.jpg ‘The Real Romney’

Globe editorial page editor Peter S. Canellos moderates a discussion with Globe writers Scott Helman, Scot Lehigh, and Frank Phillips on the Republican presidential candidate.

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Daniel Pearl

Mormons baptized slain reporter Daniel Pearl

Mormons have posthumously baptized Pearl, a Wall Street Journal reporter killed by terrorists in Pakistan shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.


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On Baseball

With Bobby Valentine pointing the way, it hasn’t been the usual drill for the Red Sox this spring.

Not all Red Sox fans in Bobby Valentine’s camp

This is going to be a season-long topic for Sox fans. There are some Valentine haters, or at least disbelievers, out there.

Food & dining

g cover

Jeremy Sewall, chef and co-owner of Island Creek Oyster Bar, led a seminar there last month  titled “Know Your Fish.’

Why chefs are confused about what fish they can serve

If you want to see Boston chefs get hot under the collar, throw their hands up in confusion, or sigh in resignation, just ask them about seafood sustainability.


“[Mormons’] efforts to make salvation available to millions of deceased strangers were ineffectual. But plainly they were sincere.”

Jeff Jacoby 


“As criminal justice became a clash of mandates and bureaucratic rules, it became untethered from what was once its basic function: separating the guilty from the innocent and delivering fair punishment.”

Leon Neyfakh, on “The Collapse of American Criminal Justice”