Santorum makes final appeal for Michigan votes

Rick Santorum appealed to supporters for “a game-changing day” in tomorrow’s primary that could further reshape the contest for the GOP’s presidential nomination.

Kid Rock performed during a campaign rally for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney tonight at the Royal Oak Theatre in Michigan.

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Kid Rock performs at Romney’s rally

Mitt Romney has been using a recording of Kid Rock’s “Born Free” song at campaign events. Tonight, the performer played live.

Google eyes expansion in Kendall Square

A developer has asked Cambridge for permission to construct a new office building in Kendall Square, saying Google has outgrown its space there and wants to expand.

After fight, 29 students in Lynn suspended

The Lynn English High School students were disciplined after a fight between two girls was videotaped by students, who did nothing to stop it.

Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek will announce his retirement this week.

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Jason Varitek to retire Thursday

Varitek, a two-time World Series champion and the captain of the Red Sox, will announce his retirement this week in Fort Myers.

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Bookstores opening in town libraries

Town libraries are finding that adding a bookstore is a way to increase revenue, and readers are happy to have a new source for low-priced books.

“The End of Money” by David Wolman


‘The End of Money’ looks at a world with no cash

David Wolman examines the current state of the paper-money system worldwide, why we might be better off without it, and what the future might hold.


Boston should crack down on satellite dishes on house fronts

The City Council should vote to send a measure that would ban satellite dishes from building façades to the mayor, who has already signaled his support for it.

Living Longer, Living Better Boosting returns in your retirement plan

Tired of watching your portfolio poke along and want to nudge it forward? Here are some tricks to help.

“Most chicken owners consider their birds as family pets and would be devastated to lose them.”

Dakota Butterfield,  58, of Jamaica Plain

Globe Insiders

Globe Insider Event | March 5, 5:30 p.m.[1]--90x90.jpg ‘The Real Romney’

Globe editorial page editor Peter S. Canellos moderates a discussion with Globe writers Scott Helman, Scot Lehigh, and Frank Phillips on the Republican presidential candidate.


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Dr. Jack P. Shonkoff

Targeting toxic stress in children

Dr. Jack P. Shonkoff, director of the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard, has launched a national campaign against ‘‘toxic stress’’ in childhood.


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Amanda Seyfried stars in ‘‘Gone,’’ reinforcing her talent for playing unstable characters in a way that creeps up on viewers.

Seyfried keeps ‘Gone’ going only so far

Amanda Seyfried stars in ‘‘Gone,’’ reinforcing her talent for playing unstable characters in a way that creeps up on viewers.


“As criminal justice became a clash of mandates and bureaucratic rules, it became untethered from what was once its basic function: separating the guilty from the innocent and delivering fair punishment.”

Leon Neyfakh, on “The Collapse of American Criminal Justice”