City should get more money from Red Sox, watchdog says

The state’s inspector general said the city should demand significantly more for turning over Yawkey Way to fans on game days. Gay spouse murder case puts focus on long-hidden problem

Eight years after same-sex marriage was legalized in Massachusetts, the Rintala case is shining a light on domestic violence among gay couples. Fingerprint rule shakes Conn. city

A controversial program that checks the fingerprints of those arrested against an immigration database has caught East Haven residents off guard.

Alex Beam The 15 percent non-solution

There’s a price to be paid for preferring to tip only when absolutely necessary, writes Alex Beam.

Probation promotions are invalid, judge says

A Suffolk Superior Court judge has vacated 11 promotions made by disgraced former commissioner John J. O’Brien.

Exclusive Sunday Preview | The Oscars Does winning an Oscar open doors for black actors?

Viola Davis has repeatedly defended herself and her movie, “The Help.”

Video | Take 2

The Oscars: Best Picture

Globe movie critics Ty Burr and Wesley Morris discuss the nominees and their picks for Best Picture of 2011. Oscar picks: Ty Burr

Who will win, who should win, who was robbed, and who shouldn’t be nominated? Globe film critic Ty Burr gives his Oscar picks. Oscar picks: Wesley Morris

Some races are tight, while others seem to be a lock. Globe film critic Wesley Morris handicaps Sunday night’s awards.

“Yawkey Way and Lansdowne Street are public property. The public should receive fair market value for the use of its property.”

Inspector General Gregory W. Sullivan 

Globe Insiders

Globe Insider Event | March 5, 5:30 p.m.[1]--90x90.jpg ‘The Real Romney’

Globe editorial page editor Peter S. Canellos moderates a discussion with Globe writers Scott Helman, Scot Lehigh, and Frank Phillips on the Republican presidential candidate.


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BU to investigate school’s hockey culture

After the arrests of two hockey players on sexual assault charges, a task force will be launched to determine whether some players believe they are above campus rules and the law.

Nation & World

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The crash in a remote desert was the fifth since March involving Marine aircraft in training in California.

Helicopter crash kills 7 Marines in Calif.

Two Marine Corps helicopters collided over a remote section of the California desert during a nighttime exercise, in one of the Corps’s deadliest training accidents in years.


Political Notebook

Jon Huntsman calls for alternate party

The former presidential hopeful called for a third political party “to compete against a duopoly that is getting old and tired.’’


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Braun's 50-game suspension is overturned

Reigning National League MVP Ryan Braun has become the sport’s first player to successfully appeal a positive drug test and escape a 50-game suspension.


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‘Addiction Incorporated’ puts Big Tobacco under a microscope

An eminently watchable documentary about how the tide turned against Big Tobacco.