Top official favors fare hike over service cut

Extensive cuts in MBTA service now appear less likely as leaders of the state’s transportation system near a deadline to erase a projected deficit.

How going private helped BJ’s change its game

A behind-the-conference-room-door look shows a sometimes-tense process that led to the sale of the Westborough-based company.

Remembering the Pendleton rescue

The Coast Guard commemorated “the greatest rescue by small boat in its history,” which was accomplished without a compass or a windshield 60 years ago yesterday.

Mitt Romney counts on home-court advantage

With some polls showing him trailing Rick Santorum in the Feb. 28 GOP primary in Michigan, Romney is leaning hard on his local ties and his father’s legacy.

Tornado victims still struggling in Monson

Last June’s freak tornado thundered through the tiny town in a matter of seconds. Eight months later, getting back to normal still seems a dream.


After The Storm: Monson tries to recover

The state's worst tornado in more than 50 years tore through this town last year, and residents are still trying to reclaim a normal life.



Why it matters that our politicians are rich

Does being wealthy make you into an insensitive jerk? Science is offering some unsettling answers.

Yvonne Abraham

Love, labor, and loss

Dhafir Johnson and Albina Root want the world to know about their daughter. They want people to care about a syndrome so rare that even most doctors don’t know about it.

“I come get my mail, sit on my steps, and cry sometimes. I’m still paying the mortgage on a house that isn’t here.”

Pia Rogers,  whose Monson home was destroyed in last year’s tornado

Globe Insiders

Globe Insider Event | March 5, 5:30 p.m.[1]--90x90.jpg ‘The Real Romney’

Globe editorial page editor Peter S. Canellos moderates a discussion with Globe writers Scott Helman, Scot Lehigh, and Frank Phillips on the Republican presidential candidate.

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Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul spoke to supporters at a rally held at Union Station yesterday, in Kansas City, Mo.

Ron Paul gains 83 votes vs. Mitt Romney in Maine

Paul has gained 83 votes on Romney following a Republican presidential caucus in eastern Maine, but Romney still holds a 156-vote lead over Paul in statewide totals.


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