How Boston City Hall was born

An architectural rendering of Boston City Hall, which was the subject of an unusual design competition in the early 1960s.

Globe File

Fifty years after a groundbreaking competition, two architects look back at the project that polarized the city — and gave it a new lease on life.


John loves John

A Vermont wedding with elegant style--the scenery! the dinner jackets!--to spare.


Tim Murray’s patronage politics show deeper problem in Mass.

Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray and other elected officials need to be far more forthright in declaring that the system of rewarding political supporters with jobs is morally wrong and damaging to the credibility of the state government.

Sprinter Gay reins himself in even as Olympics beckon

In his recovery from hip surgery, Tyson Gay understands the real fight is between himself and his body, in resisting the urge to do too much too soon.

A girl who soared, but longed to belong

Elizabeth Warren grew up amid the infinite expanse of Oklahoma, the finite expectations of her place and time, and financial pain at home. The lessons of those years still drive her.

Whitney Houston’s death overshadows Grammy awards

The Grammys began under a pall after the death yesterday of Whitney Houston, one of the biggest names in pop music. Auditors noted, then ignored, McLaughlin pay

State auditors did nothing about former Chelsea Housing Authority chief Michael E. McLaughlin’s salary until the gap between his disclosed and true paychecks reached $200,000.

US judges balk at rigid child porn sentences

A battle between policymakers, prosecutors, and public defenders is bound to play out as judges defend their sentences for distribution and possession of child pornography.

Aspiring Kennedy welcomed at a party caucus in Newton

Joseph P. Kennedy III, who is considering a bid for the congressional seat being vacated by Democrat Barney Frank, shook hands and met potential supporters.

“I couldn’t go off to OU. I couldn’t maintain the fiction anymore, not at OU, not there, not with kids living in dorms and buying formals for dances.”

Elizabeth Warren 

Globe Insiders

Globe Talks | Feb. 15, 6 p.m.[1].jpg Talk movies with Ty and Wesley

Join the Boston Globe’s movie critics, Ty Burr and Wesley Morris, for a conversation about this year’s Academy Awards.


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Dunkin’s Cruller lovers have a hole in their lives

The French Cruller, with its distinctive twisted ridges and airy interior, disappeared three years ago from North Quincy to Falmouth, and its followers were left bereft.

Nation & World

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Iran says it will announce nuclear program advances

Iran will soon unveil “big new’’ nuclear achievements, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said yesterday while reiterating Tehran’s readiness to revive talks with the West.


Mitt Romney wins Maine caucuses

Mitt Romney pulled out a narrow win in the caucuses in Maine today, averting an embarrassing defeat in a state he won handily in 2008.


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On basketball

Doc Rivers

Celtics need to adjust their attitude

The Celtics face Chicago twice in the next five days, and for them to avoid being totally outclassed, they desperately need a better mental approach.