Voters to decide in 3 states tonight

Mitt Romney is hoping to tamp down a resurgent Rick Santorum today as Republicans in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri weigh in on the presidential contest.

Court rules against Calif. gay marriage ban

A federal appeals court today declared California’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional but agreed to give the law’s backers time to appeal before weddings resume.

Fidelity wins whistle-blower appeal

The court ruled whistle-blower protections did not apply to two former Fidelity employees because they technically did not work for mutual funds.

boston capital Staples sees slow sales in economic recovery

The Staples rule has accurately anticipated big swings in the economy and the stock market for many years. So why isn’t it working now?

Adele at the House of Blues last May.


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Why does ‘Someone Like You’ make people cry?

The Grammy for best pop solo performance will be announced Sunday. But even if Adele’s heart-wrenching hit doesn’t win, it still wears an unofficial crown: “Tearjerker of the Year.”

Opinion | Paul McMorrow

The art of the deal, Boston-style

The move to let Millennium Partners take control of the Filene’s redevelopment is a case study in the transformations the city can spur when it's serious about making a deal.

Celtics looking like a playoff team again

Suddenly an aging team that was going to be split up like The Beatles is now the league’s hottest squad and closer to re-emerging as a threat in the East. Parenthood Komen.JPEG-0b9ae.jpg Komen executive quits after Planned Parenthood flap

Karen Handel, the charity’s VP for public policy, said she supported the move to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood.

“This cycle, our campaign has to face the reality of the law as it currently stands.”

Jim Messina,  President Obama’s campaign manager

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Globe Talks | Feb. 15, 6 p.m.[1].jpg Talk movies with Ty and Wesley

Join the Boston Globe’s movie critics, Ty Burr and Wesley Morris, for a conversation about this year’s Academy Awards.


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Boston to Philly airfares doubling

With Southwest Airlines discontinuing its Boston-Philadelphia route as of Feb. 11, the lowest roundtrip fare between the two cities is doubling to about $520.


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Wes Welker could not come up with this pass late in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVI.

Blame the pass, not Wes Welker

It would be foolish to paint Welker as some sort of goat for failing to corral a fourth-quarter pass in the Super Bowl. In fact, Tom Brady made the toss unnecessarily difficult.


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There’s something creepy lurking in ‘The River’

Whether or not viewers take themselves to “The River,’’ ABC and the creators deserve credit for one thing: There is nothing that looks like this show on television right now.


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Looking for love

Here are some facts scientists have recently uncovered about love, a few hunches about how it works, and some new survey data that may help your selection of a mate.