Giants 21, Patriots 17 | Dan Shaughnessy

For Patriots, history repeats

Four years after watching their perfect season implode, the Patriots were again beaten in the Super Bowl by the Giants. And it was excruciating.


How did the Patriots lose Super Bowl XLVI?

In this episode, columnists Bob Ryan and Dan Shaughnessy examine what went wrong in the heartbreaking loss to the Giants.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick left the field in a cloud of confetti after the Patriots’ defeat last night in Super Bowl XLVI.

Belichick noncommittal about allowing Giants touchdown

Bill Belichick was evasive when asked about the decision to allow Ahmad Bradshaw to score the eventual game-winning touchdown.

Ahmad Bradshaw’s touchdown late in the fourth quarter turned into the winning touchdown.

Bob Ryan

Ultimately, Patriots couldn’t get Giants off field

The fact remains the Giants won - again - and the Patriots lost - again - because when it had to be done, the Patriots could not stop the Giants.

Patriots' quarterback Drew Bledsoe left the field following a 19-11 Patriots loss to the Cleveland Browns, dropping their record to 2-8 on Nov. 12, 2000.

Dec. 26, 2000 | Bob Ryan

From the archives: Our teams make us sad sacks

It could be worse, Boston sports fans. A column from 2000 shows just how bleak the outlook - and how long the championship drought - was for each of the region’s teams.

Four years later, another huge letdown for fans

A collective hush fell over sports bars across Eastern Massachusetts as Tom Brady’s last-second bomb fell incomplete and the Giants defeated the Patriots.


On Super Bowl game day, a time out in a quiet Boston

Swaths of the city that would usually be humming on a Sunday were so deserted that a few rolling balls of tumbleweed would not have looked out of place.

Boston gives bonuses to teachers at improving schools

The city recently gave out more than $400,000 to teachers and classroom aides at 12 academically struggling schools that have shown progress.

Adrian Walker

Is Downtown Crossing on the verge of bouncing back?

The announcement that the Filene’s site has a new developer raises the enticing prospect that finally, the huge hole at the heart of the city is about to go away.

“I have one word to describe how I feel: dejected.’’

Patriots fan Michael Laura, of Boston  

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Globe Talks | Feb. 15, 6 p.m.[1].jpg Oscar Talk

Join the Boston Globe’s movie critics, Ty Burr and Wesley Morris, for a conversation about this year’s Academy Awards.


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Jeff Fraza

Boxer Fraza sought to help youth

Jeff Fraza, a 34-year-old boxer who had appeared on the hit television show “The Contender,’’ was struck by a train in Haverhill Saturday morning.


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Spider webs catch MIT scientists’ eyes

Researchers have discovered why spider silk and the webs made of it can survive heavy damage, which could lead to new ways to build things like bridges and soldiers’ body armor.

Nation & World

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A violent crackdown against dissidents by Syria's President Bashar Assad has killed more than 5,400 people since March.

US closes embassy in Syria

The US closed its embassy in Damascus after continued violence by Syria's government that has reportedly killed more than 5,400 people since March.


News Analysis

Gingrich didn’t push hard in Nev.

The former House speaker held five public events in the three days leading up to Saturday’s Nevada caucuses. Only one was outside Las Vegas.


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Celtics 98, Grizzlies 80

Celtics have no trouble with early start vs. Grizzlies

The Celtics rather easily disposed of the Grizzlies, with the offensive production of Kevin Garnett and the help of a bench that suddenly has become productive.

Health and wellness

G cover

Looking for love

Here are some facts scientists have recently uncovered about love, a few hunches about how it works, and some new survey data that may help your selection of a mate.