Romney rolls in Florida

David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Backed by relentless attack ads, Mitt Romney attained wide margins among women, the affluent, moderates, and Hispanics in Florida.

TAMPA , FL. 01/ 31/ 2012: CROWD JUST LOVES MITT....Mitt Romney, primary night in Florida.( David L Ryan / Globe Staff Photo ) SECTION: NATIONAL TOPIC : REPORTER

News Analysis

A drawn-out negative race could mean peril for GOP

Unless Gingrich suddenly capitulates, Romney will continue to wrestle for weeks if not months with the ideological and emotional forces tearing at the Republican Party.

Newt Gingrich to fight on but faces a tough road

Gingrich yesterday vowed to stay in the presidential campaign for months to come as his campaign laid out a strategy that relies on sweeping Southern states.

Dan Shaughnessy

Gronkowski answers all questions but one

Rob Gronkowski was polite, funny, bilingual, and cooperative at Super Bowl Media Day, but he did not answer questions about his ankle sprain.

Brian McGrory

Kevin White’s love for Boston left room for his dog

This is a story about a man concealing his dog from his wife. And it gets a little more complicated because the man happened to be the mayor of Boston.

Waning hope, a 6-organ transplant, life anew

A 9-year-old girl will leave Children’s Hospital Boston today, three months after transplant surgeons performed one of the most extensive transplant surgeries in the region.

Facebook IPO could redefine the social media market

Initial public offerings from social media companies have been underwhelming so far, but the expected Facebook IPO could raise up to $10 billion.


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Maine crew set to recover sunken $3b in platinum

The Maine-based company, who found a sunken British steamer off of Provincetown, expects to begin lifting the treasure out of the water by the end of February.

Nation & World

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Iran more willing to strike here, US official says

Some senior Iranian leaders are now more willing to carry out attacks inside the US in response to perceived US threats against their country, a top intelligence official said.


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Philips adds wind turbine in Fall River

Royal Philips Electronics NV unveiled a 40-story wind turbine, an investment the company said symbolizes the Dutch conglomerate’s commitment to grow in Fall River.


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After the game, Bill O'Brien turns focus to Penn State

The Massachusetts native is coaching his last game with the Patriots Sunday. On Monday, he will assume the responsibilities of being head football coach at Penn State.