Brief delay built into fiscal cliff tax hikes

As Washington engaged in another day of blame and bluster, the IRS effectively delayed the economic impact of the automatic income tax hikes.

Congressman Ed Markey will run in 2013 for the US Senate seat expected to open with the nomination of US Senator John Kerry to secretary of state.

Rep. Markey to run for Kerry’s seat

US Representative Edward Markey, the first major candidate in the likely race, could face recently defeated Senator Scott Brown.

Student athletes return too soon after concussions

A study found many student athletes might be returning to physical activity too soon, before their brain is fully healed.

Boston Capital

Manager took mutual fund from beaten up to best

Fidelity’s Chuck Myers is the winner of the 12th annual Boston Capital mutual fund manger of the year award.

 Sean Correa, 15, and family members cleared their sidewalk in Fitchburg on Thursday after the first winter snowstorm of the year struck Central and Western Massachusetts and Northern New England.

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

Western Mass., N.H. dig out after storm

Snow blanketed New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts, but Boston was doused with pelting rain that dumped nearly 2 inches on the region.

Kevin Garnett goes elbow to elbow with the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan in the first quarter.

Clippers 106, Celtics 77

Clippers pummel Celtics

Kevin Garnett had 16 points as the Celtics, with 18 turnovers, missed layups and defensive breakdowns, were overwhelmed, 106-77.

Gray seals have been blamed for attracting sharks and cutting fishermen’s catch.

Scientists hope to help seals and humans better coexist

New ­England’s growing seal population has been blamed for luring great white sharks to Cape Cod beaches and snatching prized fish away from fishermen.

Members of Amazing Royal Crowns, from left: JD Burgess, Jack Hanlon, Jason King Kendall, and Judd Williams.

new year’s eve

Our guide to starting 2013 off right

Despite the fears, predictions, and doomlust that hung over us for most of 2012, we have a 2013 full of tomorrows to look forward to. Thus, we should party.


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Dolphins at Patriots | Sunday, 4:25

The Patriots practiced outside in the elements Thursday in preparation for Sunday’s regular-season finale against the warm-weather Dolphins.

Dolphins not scared off by cold weather

Is it safe to assume that a team accustomed to cold weather would have an advantage against a team from a warm-weather city? Many of the Patriots say no.