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Toyota to pay $1b settlement in recall case

The settlement, related to hundreds of lawsuits over acceleration problems, would be the largest in US history involving automobile defects.

Mass. sees season’s first major winter storm

Snow is expected to turn to rain in Boston, which will also see strong winds, but areas in Central and Western Mass. and Southern New Hampshire could get up to 18 inches.

US Treasury to take steps to avoid borrowing limit

The federal government is set to hit its borrowing limit Monday, but treasury officials said they will take steps to delay the deadline.

SJC ruling adds protections for confidential informants

The state’s highest court ruled that prosecutors had no obligation to confirm for a defendant that his victim in a shooting was a confidential informant.

An ice mold made with layers of juices and fruit.

Christopher muther/Globe Staff

exclusive thursday preview | style

Mr. New Year’s Eve on making Prosecco Punch

The key to a good New Year’s party is punch, and prosecco and fruit are the way to go with that.

exclusive thursday preview | style

The biggest style hits and misses of 2012

From the Olympics to the Oscars, the Emmys to ‘Argo,’ we run down looks that turned heads — in both directions.

Bobby Valentine led the Red Sox to their worst season since 1965.

Top 10 Boston sports stories of 2012

The Boston sports scene was abuzz this year, with lots to celebrate and lament. Here is a look back at the biggest stories of the year.

With Pittsburgh, reliever Joel Hanrahan allowed only 16 walks over 68.2 innings and striking out 61 during the 2012 season.

Red Sox complete trade with Pirates, name Hanrahan closer

The teams finished off a six-player trade that gets the Red Sox a new closer in righthander Joel Hanrahan.


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Amit Rakhit is currently taxed on his spouse’s health coverage.

Biogen Idec to offset tax for gay staff

The biotech company will give added reimbursement to workers in same-sex marriages because they do not receive federal tax breaks on their health insurance.